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Wippit is a music download service with a wide range of recordings for you to download and play at your leisure. We've got everything from Rock to Rap to Classical to Football Anthems! Even Wippit Ringtones!

Getting music with Wippit is easier than falling off a log. Firstly you don't need log. Whether you want one song or thousands Wippit has an option to suit you.

  • Buy one a time from as little as 29p
  • Pay by SMS from your mobile phone (currently available UK users only) or credit card
  • Get an annual Wippit subscription for only £50 for a year of UNLIMITED downloads
  • Or get a Wippit Subscription for only £4.99 a month (that’s the same as buying one CD every two months!

What Music Does Wippit Have?

The BIG question! Wippit has a steadily growing catalogue from more than 1,700 record labels and even ringtones that you can create yourself. For more info on what's available right now, check out our Featured Artists  section, take a look at our newsletter archives, scour through your favourite genre or just do a search on the home page.

What's So Good about Wippit?

Well, apart from loads of great music, the price and the convenience of being able to download your favourite music without leaving your chair and listen to it straight away, Wippit has many advantages. With a Wippit subscription you can listen to music you've heard or read about without having to pay for the privilege of trying it out, compile your own favourites to listen to in any order you please (no more nasty filler tracks!), burn your tracks to CD or port to you MP3 player or mobile phone.

Do you need to subscribe?

You don’t have to but Wippit subscribers get access to a changing selection of 60,000 tracks to download without extra charge and a discount on most of the other stuff. If you can’t get £50’s of value out of it each year, then you’re just not serious about music! Potential subscribers.

Music Industry Approved

Building your digital music collection may be criminally good value, but it’s not a crime! Wippit is approved by the Music Industry, meaning that all the artists and writers get paid their fair dues. It also means that you're not going to get caught in a trillion dollar court case either. But we think what’s most important to you is that you get great value music and the recordings available are of the quality and consistency you expect from a 'real' company that loves music.

What else do I need to know?

For more answers to those soul searching questions to our FAQ.

Wippit ist ein Musikdownload-Anbieter mit einer reichhaltigen Titelauswahl. Wir haben alles von Rock bis Rap, von Klassik bis zur Fußball-Hymne! Sogar Wippit-Klingeltöne!

Bei Wippit Musik zu bekommen ist kinderleicht. Egal, ob Sie einen einzelnen Song wollen oder Tausende – Wippit hat immer das für Ihren Bedarf passende Angebot.

  • Kaufen Sie einzelne Songs schon ab €0.29 
  • Zahlen Sie mit Ihrem Handy per SMS (momentan nur für Mitglieder in Großbritannien möglich) oder Kreditkarte 
  • Sichern Sie sich Downloads OHNE GRENZEN mit einer Wippit-Jahresmitgliedschaft für €74.99
  • Oder wählen Sie eine monatliche Wippit-Mitgliedschaft für nur €18.99 € (entspricht dem Kauf einer CD alle 2 Monate!)

Welche Musik gibt es bei Wippit? 

Das ist DIE Frage! Wippit bietet einen ständig wachsenden Titelkatalog aus mehr als 400 Musiklabels und sogar Klingeltöne, die Sie selber gestalten können. Mehr über unser derzeitiges Angebot erfahren Sie auf der Seite Unsere Künstler oder auch in unserem Newsletter-Archiv. Sie können auch einfach mal in Ihrem Lieblings-Genre nachschauen oder auf unserer Homepage nach Titeln suchen.

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