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On Your 70's Radio Ringtones
Artist: Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Sly & The Family Stone, Various, Mott The Hoople, Ron Haffkine, The Isley Brothers, Santana, Jamiroquai, Jeff Lynne, The Three Degrees, Fame And Price, Sailor, Ben Folds, Howard Albert, The Jacksons, Lynn Anderson, Heatwave

Album: On Your 70's Radio

Genre: Rock

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year:

1 Sylvia's Mother (Album Version) Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show    
2 Family Affair Sly & The Family Stone    
3 Sylvia's Mother (Album Version) Various    
4 All The Young Dudes (Album Version) Mott The Hoople    
5 Sylvia's Mother (Album Version) Ron Haffkine    
6 Summer Breeze (Album Version) The Isley Brothers    
7 She's Not There (Album Version) Santana    
8 Livin' Thing (Album Version) Jamiroquai, Jeff Lynne    
9 Year Of Decision (Album Version) The Three Degrees    
10 Rosetta (Album Version) Fame And Price    
11 Girls, Girls, Girls (Album Version) Sailor    
12 Arms Of Mary (Album Version) Ben Folds, Howard Albert    
13 Show You The Way To Go (Previously released material) The Jacksons    
14 Rose Garden (Album Version) Lynn Anderson    
15 Boogie Nights Heatwave    

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