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Movie Music- The Definitive Performances Ringtones
Artist: Refugee Camp All-Stars featuring Lauryn Hill, Bing Crosby with Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra, Johnny Mathis, Marilyn Monroe, Orchestra Conducted By Johnny Green, Stanley Holloway & Ensemble, Lulu, Simon & Garfunkel, The Byrds, Barbra Streisand, Will Smith, Diana King, Celine Dion, Doris Day, The Mash, Willie Nelson, Harry Connick, Jr., Celine Dion And Clive Griffin, Orchestra conducted by Alan Silvestri, Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, The Boswell Sisters, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, The Warner Bros. Orchestra & Chorus Bruce Springsteen,

Album: Movie Music- The Definitive Performances

Genre: Soundtrack

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1999

1 The Sweetest Thing (From the New Line Cinema film, Love Jones (album version)) Refugee Camp All-Stars featuring Lauryn Hill    
2 Temptation (Album Version) Bing Crosby with Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra    
3 Temptation (Album Version) Bing Crosby with Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra    
4 A Certain Smile (from the 20th Century-Fox film, A Certain Smile) Johnny Mathis    
5 My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Album Version) Marilyn Monroe    
6 Overture (from the Mirisch-Seven Arts film, West Side Story) Orchestra Conducted By Johnny Green    
7 With A Little Bit Of Luck (from the Warner Bros. film, My Fair Lady) Stanley Holloway & Ensemble    
8 To Sir, With Love (Duet With Al Green) (from the Columbia film, To Sir With Love) Lulu    
9 Mrs. Robinson (from the Joseph E. Levine film, The Graduate) Simon & Garfunkel    
10 Ballad Of Easy Rider The Byrds    
11 The Way We Were (from the Rastar-Columbia film, The Way We Were) Barbra Streisand    
12 Men In Black (from the Columbia film, Men In Black) Will Smith    
13 I Say A Little Prayer (from the TriStar film, My Best Friends Wedding) Diana King    
14 My Heart Will Go On (Album Version) Celine Dion    
15 Secret Love (from the Warner Bros. film, Calamity Jane) Doris Day    
16 Suicide Is Painless (from the 20th Century-Fox film, M-A-S-H) The Mash    
17 On The Road Again (from the Warner Bros. film, Honeysuckle Rose) Willie Nelson    
18 It Had To Be You (from the Columbia film, When Harry Met Sally...) Harry Connick, Jr.    
19 When I Fall In Love (from the TriStar film, Sleepless In Seattle) Celine Dion And Clive Griffin    
20 I'm Forrest...Forrest Gump (from the Paramount film, Forrest Gump) Orchestra conducted by Alan Silvestri    
21 You Are Too Beautiful (from the United Artists film, Hallelujah, I'm A Bum) Al Jolson    
22 Inka Dinka Doo (from the United Artists film, Joe Palooka) Jimmy Durante    
23 Rock And Roll (From the United Artists Film, -Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round-) The Boswell Sisters    
24 The Way You Look Tonight (from the RKO film, Swing Time) Fred Astaire    
25 A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (from the RKO film, Higher And Higher) Frank Sinatra    
26 Giant (from the Warner Bros. film, Giant) The Warner Bros. Orchestra & Chorus    
27 Streets Of Philadelphia (from the TriStar film, Philadelphia) Bruce Springsteen    

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