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Trojan Bob Marley Covers Box Set Ringtones
Artist: Pluto Shervington, Jacob Miller, Inner Circle, Beres Hammond, Zappow, Michael Spence, Mafia, Fluxy, Killerman Jarrett, Ernie Smith, Johnny Clarke, Rudie Thomas, Ernest Wilson, Cornel Campbell, Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, Glen Ricks, Ronnie Davis, Sambo Jim, Ken Lazarus, Horace Andy John Holt, Jackie Edwards, Max Romeo, Ken Boothe, Augustus Pablo, Inner Circle, Derrick Morgan, Byron Lee, The Dragonaires, The Maroons,

Album: Trojan Bob Marley Covers Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 Natty Dread Pluto Shervington    
2 Roadblock Jacob Miller, Inner Circle    
3 I Shot The Sheriff Jacob Miller, Inner Circle    
4 Small Axe Beres Hammond, Zappow    
5 Jammin' Michael Spence    
6 Natural Mystic Mafia, Fluxy    
7 War Killerman Jarrett    
8 Bend Down Low Ernie Smith    
9 Buffalo Soldier Mafia, Fluxy    
10 Time Will Tell Johnny Clarke    
11 Exodus Rudie Thomas    
12 Could You Be Loved Ernest Wilson    
13 Iron Lion Zion Rudie Thomas    
14 Redemption Song Cornel Campbell    
15 Concrete Jungle Dennis Brown    
16 Nice Time Delroy Wilson    
17 Soul Rebel Cornel Campbell    
18 Rainbow Country Dennis Brown    
19 Don't Rock My Boat Glen Ricks    
20 Rastaman Chant Ronnie Davis    
21 Screwface Cornel Campbell    
22 Natty Dread Sambo Jim    
23 Mr Chatterbox Johnny Clarke    
24 Duppy Conqueror Ken Lazarus    
25 Rasta Come From Jail Cornel Campbell    
26 Natural Mystic Horace Andy    
27 Crazy Baldheads Johnny Clarke    
28 Keep On Moving John Holt    
29 So Jah She Jackie Edwards    
30 Stir It Up Jackie Edwards    
31 Kaya Ronnie Davis    
32 Concrete Jungle Cornel Campbell    
33 I'm Still Waiting Delroy Wilson    
34 Don't Rock My Boat Max Romeo    
35 African Lady Ken Boothe    
36 Curfew Jacob Miller, Inner Circle    
37 I Shot The Sheriff Ken Boothe    
38 Get Up Stand Up Rudie Thomas    
39 Mr Big Augustus Pablo, Inner Circle    
40 Natty Dread Jacob Miller, Inner Circle    
41 Put It On Derrick Morgan    
42 Easy Skanking Johnny Clarke    
43 Sun Is Shining Delroy Wilson    
44 No Woman No Cry Ken Boothe    
45 No Woman No Cry Byron Lee, The Dragonaires    
46 I Shot The Sheriff Pluto Shervington    
47 Talking Blues The Maroons    
48 Lively Up Yourself Byron Lee, The Dragonaires    
49 Is This Love Michael Spence    

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