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Ladies Of Soul 2 Ringtones
Artist: Scherrie Payne, Claudette Robinson, Billie Calvin, Silvia Moy, Lynda Lawrence, Barbara Randolph, Ortheia Barnes, Liz Lands, Sherri Taylor, Blinky, Martha Reeves, Kim Weston, Leeza Miller, Mable John, Betty Kelly, Lois Reeves, Mary Wilson, Marilyn McLeod

Album: Ladies Of Soul 2

Genre: Soul

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 Pure Energy Scherrie Payne    
2 Oooh Baby Baby Claudette Robinson    
3 Wishing on A Star Billie Calvin    
4 My Cherie Amour Silvia Moy    
5 Living With A Married Man Lynda Lawrence    
6 I Got A feeling Barbara Randolph    
7 Without Your Love Ortheia Barnes    
8 Further Than Ever Liz Lands    
9 Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart Sherri Taylor    
10 Good For Nothing Blinky    
11 Angel In Disguise Martha Reeves    
12 Oh No Not My Baby Kim Weston    
13 Sign Of A Heartache Leeza Miller    
14 Time Stops Mable John    
15 I Need To Be independent Betty Kelly    
16 Patience Is A Virtue Lois Reeves    
17 Ooh Child Mary Wilson    
18 Straight On the Line Marilyn McLeod    

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