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Riddim Driven- I Swear Ringtones
Artist: Jah Cure, Richie Spice, Chuck Fender, Anthony Cruz, Sizzla, Richie Stephens, Natural Black, Junior Kelly, Luciano, Pliers, Melchezidek, Jah Penco, George Nooks, IIey Bless, Omar Silk, Ultimate Shine

Album: Riddim Driven- I Swear

Genre: Reggae

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1 Good Morning Jah Jah Jah Cure    
2 Marijuana Richie Spice    
3 I Swear Chuck Fender    
4 Mama's Blessing Anthony Cruz    
5 For You Sizzla    
6 Woman To Man Richie Stephens    
7 Conquer Dem Natural Black    
8 Dem Story Junior Kelly    
9 Tell Me Luciano    
10 Why Can't You Pliers    
11 What A Life Melchezidek    
12 Your Goals Jah Penco    
13 Tragedy George Nooks    
14 Long Way IIey Bless    
15 Never Had To Lie Omar Silk    
16 Zion Gate Ultimate Shine    

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