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Brothers & Sisters of Soul Volume 3 Ringtones
Artist: Ronnie McNeir, Susaye Greene, Leeza Miller, The Andantes, Bettye Lavette, The Originals, J. J. And Ortheia Barnes, Vermettya Royster, Carolyn Crawford, Saundra Edwards, Brenda Holloway, Johnny Bristol, Jake Jacas, Sisters Love, Joe Stubbs, Bobby Taylor And The Vancouvers

Album: Brothers & Sisters of Soul Volume 3

Genre: Blues

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 You're My Lucky Number Ronnie McNeir    
2 Free Susaye Greene    
3 Sign Of A Heartache Leeza Miller    
4 Step Into My Shoes The Andantes    
5 Right Out of Time Bettye Lavette    
6 Baby I'm For Real The Originals    
7 Send Soemone Love J. J. And Ortheia Barnes    
8 If I Were Your Woman Vermettya Royster    
9 Cry To Me Carolyn Crawford    
10 All Or Nothing Saundra Edwards    
11 You've Made Me So Very Happy Brenda Holloway    
12 No More Heartaches Today Johnny Bristol    
13 Magic's In The Air Jake Jacas    
14 Melting Ice Sisters Love    
15 Smoke's In The Air Joe Stubbs    
16 Down To Love Town Bobby Taylor And The Vancouvers    

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