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The Girls From Ember Ringtones
Artist: Twiggy, Lita Roza, Mandy Rice-Davies, Carol Woods, Milly Scott, Annie Ross, The Shondells, Joy Marshall, Julie Rogers, Lynn Holland, Lynn Adams, Polly Niles, Linda Thorson, Diana Trask, Miss X, Susan Maughan, Dale Sisters, Sheila And Jenny,

Album: The Girls From Ember

Genre: Pop

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 Over And Over Twiggy    
2 Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean Lita Roza    
3 You Got What It Takes Mandy Rice-Davies    
4 Beautiful Dreamer Twiggy    
5 Why You Wanna Carol Woods    
6 Get High On Jesus Milly Scott    
7 Bye Bye Blues Annie Ross    
8 My Love The Shondells    
9 A Good Man Is Hard To Find Mandy Rice-Davies    
10 Till The End Of Time Joy Marshall    
11 You Better Sit Down Kids Julie Rogers    
12 And The Angel Sang Lynn Holland    
13 Don't Cry My Solider Boy The Shondells    
14 They Really Don't Know You Lynn Adams    
15 The Milk Of The Tree Polly Niles    
16 Better Than Losin You Linda Thorson    
17 Wishful Thinking Linda Thorson    
18 Here I Am Linda Thorson    
19 I Need Your Hand In Mine Twiggy    
20 You Will Want Me Linda Thorson    
21 The Chokin' Kind Diana Trask    
22 All I Do Is Dream Of You Mandy Rice-Davies    
23 S-E-X Miss X    
24 For The Rest Of My Life Susan Maughan    
25 Secrets Dale Sisters    
26 But Please Don't Break Her Heart Sheila And Jenny    
27 Love Can Change So Many Things Joy Marshall    
28 Close Your Eyes Mandy Rice-Davies    

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