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Trojan Revive Box Set Ringtones
Artist: Winston Shand, The Sheiks, The Bleechers, Stranger, Gladdy, The Rulers, The Gaylads, The Conquerors, Rudy Mills, Vic Taylor, Trevor Shield, Carl Bryan, The Jay Boys, The Silvertones, Ike Bennett, The Crystalites, Radcliffe Butler, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics, The Clarendonians, Black & George, Keble Drummond, The Selectors, The Lyn Taitt Orchestra, Amiel Moodie, The Dandemites, Keith, Tex, The Crystalites, The Mellotones, The Beltones, Danny Simpson, The Supersonics, Drumbago, The Blenders, The Visions, The Emotions, Junior Murvin, Lyn Taitt, The Jets, Count Ossie, Band, Theo Beckford, Joe White, The Soul Tops, The Progressions, Leslie Butler, The Gaytones, Al & the Vibrators, Hopeton Lewis, Glen Brown, Bunny & Ricky, Freddie McKay, Larry Marshall The Tennors,

Album: Trojan Revive Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2002

1 Life Is But A Dream Winston Shand, The Sheiks    
2 Ease Up The Bleechers    
3 Pretty Cottage Stranger, Gladdy    
4 Got To Be Free The Rulers    
5 Wha' She Do Now The Gaylads    
6 Anywhere You Want To Go The Conquerors    
7 Tears On My Pillow Rudy Mills    
8 My Heartaches (Reggae Mix) Vic Taylor    
9 The Moon Is Playing Tricks On Me Trevor Shield    
10 Jay Fever Carl Bryan, The Jay Boys    
11 Intensified Change The Silvertones    
12 Stop That Man Ike Bennett, The Crystalites    
13 You Got To Love Me Radcliffe Butler    
14 Liquidator Tommy McCook, The Supersonics    
15 Baby Don't You Do It The Clarendonians    
16 Candy Lady Black & George    
17 Happy Time Keble Drummond    
18 One True Love The Selectors, The Lyn Taitt Orchestra    
19 Life Line Amiel Moodie, The Dandemites    
20 This Is My Song Keith, Tex    
21 Splash Down The Crystalites    
22 Banana Water The Mellotones    
23 Home Without You The Beltones    
24 Out Of Sight Danny Simpson, The Supersonics    
25 The Game Song Drumbago, The Blenders    
26 The Girl I Love The Visions    
27 Love You Most Of All The Emotions    
28 Magic Touch Junior Murvin    
29 Why Am I Treated So Bad Lyn Taitt, The Jets    
30 Blacker Black Count Ossie, Band    
31 Easy Snappin' Theo Beckford    
32 My Guiding Light Joe White    
33 Swing, Baby, Swing The Soul Tops    
34 Live Only For Love The Progressions    
35 Revival Leslie Butler, The Gaytones    
36 Going Back Home Al & the Vibrators    
37 Girl You're Cold Hopeton Lewis, Glen Brown    
38 On The Town Bunny & Ricky    
39 So Long, Farewell Freddie McKay    
40 Over Again Stranger, Gladdy    
41 Money Girl Larry Marshall    
42 Massie Massa The Tennors    

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