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Trojan 35th Anniversary Box Set - old Ringtones
Artist: Bim & Bam, Boris Gardiner, The Keys, Nora, Vern, Slim Smith, Ansel Linkers, Amiel Moodie, Roman Stewart, Hugh Hendricks, The Upsetters, Cynthia Richards, The Cimarons, Delroy Jones, The Jets, I Roy, Keith Hudson, The Crystalites, Andy Capp, Ken Parker, Owen Gray, The Mad Lads, Gladstone Anderson, The Meditations, Billy Dyce, Teddy Magnus, Delroy Williams, Big Joe, Ansel Collins, The Untouchables, The Sensations, The Gaylads, Stranger, Gladdy, Charlie Ace, Danny Ray, Carl Dawkins, The Chosen Few, Al Brown, The Bleechers, The Beltones, Winston Francis, Roland Alphonso, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics, Jimmy Riley, Ken Boothe, Willie Lindo, The Charmers' Band, Johnny Clarke, The Brother Dan All Stars, Private Tabby, Zap Pow, Linval Thompson, The Silvertones, Jackie Edwards, The Pioneers The Immortals,

Album: Trojan 35th Anniversary Box Set - old

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2003

1 Fatty Bim & Bam    
2 Bobby Sox To Stockings Boris Gardiner, The Keys    
3 Look Over Your Shoulder Nora, Vern    
4 No Honey, No Money Slim Smith    
5 Memories By The Score Ansel Linkers    
6 Mellow Reggae Amiel Moodie    
7 Try Me Roman Stewart    
8 Land Of Kinks Hugh Hendricks, The Upsetters    
9 Jungle Fever Cynthia Richards    
10 Kick Me Or I'll Kick You The Cimarons    
11 Bum Ball Chapter II Delroy Jones, The Jets    
12 Silver Platter I Roy, Keith Hudson    
13 Blacula The Crystalites    
14 Sugar Pantie Andy Capp, Ken Parker    
15 Free Up Jah Jah Children Owen Gray    
16 Mother Nature The Mad Lads    
17 Swanee River Gladstone Anderson    
18 Great Messiah The Meditations    
19 Take Warning Billy Dyce    
20 Flying Machine Teddy Magnus    
21 Don't Play That Song Delroy Williams    
22 Tubby At The Controls Big Joe    
23 Cock Robin Ansel Collins    
24 Pray For The Wicked The Untouchables    
25 War Boats The Sensations    
26 If You Don't Mind The Gaylads    
27 Skanking Monkey Stranger, Gladdy    
28 Judgement Rock Charlie Ace    
29 Julie On My Mind Danny Ray    
30 Don't Get Weary Carl Dawkins    
31 Why Can't I Touch You The Chosen Few    
32 I've Got To Go On Without You Al Brown    
33 You're Gonna Feel It The Bleechers    
34 I'll Follow You The Beltones    
35 I'll Make It Up Carl Dawkins    
36 Honey Don't Go Winston Francis    
37 Saucy Horn Roland Alphonso    
38 Third Figure Tommy McCook, The Supersonics    
39 Tell The Children The Truth Jimmy Riley    
40 Bring It On Home To Me Ken Boothe    
41 Drum Song Willie Lindo, The Charmers' Band    
42 Every Rasta Is A Star Johnny Clarke    
43 Tribute To K.B. The Brother Dan All Stars    
44 If You Leave Me Private Tabby    
45 Wild Honey Zap Pow    
46 Natty Dread Girl Linval Thompson    
47 What A Situation The Silvertones    
48 Come Closer To Me Jackie Edwards    
49 Pride And Passion The Pioneers    
50 Jana The Immortals    

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