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Blood & Fire- Hit Sounds From The Observer Station 1970-1978 Ringtones
Artist: Niney, Dennis Brown, Cornel Campbell, Freddie McGregor, I Roy, Dillinger, Michael Rose, The Ethiopians, The Heptones, Delroy Wilson, Horace Andy, Bongo Herman, Dennis Brown, King Tubby, The Observer, Junior Byles, The Sons of Selassie, Tommy McCook, Gregory Isaacs, Maxie, Niney, Dennis Brown, The Observer, Big Youth, Dennis Brown, Big Youth, Sang Hugh, The Lionaires, The Reggae Crusaders Lloyd Charmers, Niney, Dennis Alcapone, Lizzy, Niney, The Heptones, Max Romeo, Niney, Ansel Collins, The Observer, Murt, Turt & Purt, U Roy, Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, Max Romeo, Astley Bennett, Ken Boothie,

Album: Blood & Fire- Hit Sounds From The Observer Station 1970-1978

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2005

1 Can't Enter Zion Niney    
2 Here I Come Dennis Brown    
3 I Heart Is Clean Cornel Campbell    
4 Follow This Ya Sound Freddie McGregor    
5 Point Blank I Roy    
6 Flat Foot Hustling Dillinger    
7 Clap The Barber Michael Rose    
8 Nebuchadnezzar Dillinger    
9 Train To Skaville '77 The Ethiopians    
10 Mr Do Over Man Song The Heptones    
11 Half Way Up The Stairs Delroy Wilson    
12 Materialist Horace Andy    
13 Tribute To Master Don Quarrie Bongo Herman    
14 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Michael Rose    
15 Dub Roots Of David Dennis Brown, King Tubby, The Observer    
16 Weeping Junior Byles    
17 False Rasta (aka 'Rascal Man') Delroy Wilson    
18 Wolf And Leopard Dennis Brown    
19 I Man A African The Sons of Selassie    
20 Giving A Helping Hand Dennis Brown    
21 Lovers Rock, Ja. Style Freddie McGregor    
22 Rasta No Pick Pocket Niney    
23 One Trainload Of Collie Tommy McCook    
24 Travelling Man Dennis Brown    
25 Slave Master Gregory Isaacs    
26 The Coming Of Jah Maxie, Niney    
27 Message To The Ungodly Niney    
28 Tribulation (Dub) Dennis Brown, The Observer    
29 Wild Goose Chase Big Youth, Dennis Brown    
30 Blood & Fire Niney    
31 Westbound Train Dennis Brown    
32 Mr Finnegan Big Youth    
33 Rasta No Born Yah Sang Hugh, The Lionaires    
34 Bring The Couchie Come The Reggae Crusaders    
35 Aily And Ailaloo Lloyd Charmers, Niney    
36 Bawlin' For Mercy Dennis Alcapone, Lizzy    
37 Keep On Pushing Niney, The Heptones    
38 Beardman Feast Max Romeo, Niney    
39 Mr Brown's Coffin Dennis Alcapone, Lizzy    
40 Cassandra Dennis Brown    
41 Inbound Train Ansel Collins, The Observer    
42 When Jah Speak Murt, Turt & Purt    
43 Train From The West U Roy    
44 Beg In The Gutter Niney    
45 Psalms 9 To Keep In Mind Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis    
46 Rasta Bandwagon Max Romeo    
47 Leggo The Wrong Astley Bennett    
48 Silver Words Ken Boothie    

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