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Trojan Rocksteady Rarities Box Set Ringtones
Artist: Lloyd Robinson, Glen Brown, Dawn Penn, Paulette & The Lovers, The Clarendonians, The Silvertones, Dudley Williamson, Hopeton Lewis, Glen Brown, Ike Bennett, The Crystallites, Eric 'Monty' Morris, The Soul Tops, Maurice Johnson, Bunny & Ruddy, The Conquerors, The Termites, Clive & Doreen, The Mighty Vikings, Johnny & The Attractions, Charlie Kelly, Diane Lawrence, Hopeton Lewis, The Upsetters, The Rulers, The Tartans, The Three Tops, Charlie Organaire, The Carib Beats, Henry III, Johnny Moore, The Supertones, Winston & George, Hazel, The Jolly Boys, The Valentines, Roland Alphonso, The Beverley's All Stars, Bobby Ellis, The Crystallites, The Black Brothers, Primo Davidson, Hopeton Lewis, The Progressions, The Tennors, George Dekker, The Groovers, Noel 'Bunny' Brown, The Wildcats, Ewen & Jerry, Austin Faithful, The Hippies, The Moving Brothers The Kingstonians, Keith Thompson, The Tartans, Tommy McCook's Band, The Gladiators,

Album: Trojan Rocksteady Rarities Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2005

1 You Won't Regret It Lloyd Robinson, Glen Brown    
2 To Sir With Love Dawn Penn    
3 Please Stay Paulette & The Lovers    
4 Lonely Heartaches The Clarendonians    
5 Don't Say No The Silvertones    
6 Anything You Want Dudley Williamson    
7 Skinny Leg Girl Hopeton Lewis, Glen Brown    
8 Try A Little Merriness Ike Bennett, The Crystallites    
9 Think Twice (aka 'Last Laugh') Eric 'Monty' Morris    
10 Rain And Thunder The Soul Tops    
11 Yield Not To Temptation Maurice Johnson    
12 On The Town Bunny & Ruddy    
13 I Fell In Love The Conquerors    
14 Shake It Up The Termites    
15 What Can I Do Clive & Doreen    
16 Love Me Forever The Mighty Vikings    
17 Coming On The Scene Johnny & The Attractions    
18 So Nice Like Rice Charlie Kelly    
19 Hound Dog Diane Lawrence    
20 Run Down Hopeton Lewis    
21 Won't You Come Home Now The Conquerors    
22 Temptation The Upsetters    
23 Be Good The Rulers    
24 It's Not Right The Tartans    
25 Do It Right (Alternative Version) The Three Tops    
26 The Good You Can Charlie Organaire, The Carib Beats    
27 With A Girl Like You Henry III    
28 Sound And Soul Johnny Moore, The Supertones    
29 Keep The Pressure On (Alternative Version) Winston & George    
30 Deep Down Hazel, The Jolly Boys    
31 Sock It To Be Baby The Valentines    
32 Sock It To Me Roland Alphonso, The Beverley's All Stars    
33 Whoa Baby The Silvertones    
34 The Emperor Bobby Ellis, The Crystallites    
35 Halls Of Montezuma Roland Alphonso, The Beverley's All Stars    
36 Baby Come Back To Me The Black Brothers    
37 Your Safe Keep Primo Davidson, Hopeton Lewis    
38 Fair Deal The Progressions    
39 Gee Whizz The Tennors    
40 You're Treating Me Bad George Dekker    
41 You've Got To Cry The Groovers    
42 The Rock Steady Noel 'Bunny' Brown, The Wildcats    
43 You've Got Something Ewen & Jerry    
44 Miss Anti-Social Austin Faithful, The Hippies    
45 Be Mine The Rulers    
46 Don't Play That Song (Darling I Love You) The Moving Brothers    
47 Fun Galore The Kingstonians    
48 The Way I Feel Keith Thompson    
49 It's Alright The Tartans, Tommy McCook's Band    
50 The Train Is Coming Back The Gladiators    

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