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Trojan Roots Box Set Ringtones
Artist: Mr. Bojangles, The Heptones, Johnny Clarke, Sugar Minott, Max Romeo, Silvertones, Cornell Campbell, Delroy Wilson, The Ethopians, Truth, Fact & Correct, Anthony 'Sangie' Davis, Lee Perry, Lizzard, Velvet Shadows, Johnny Osbourne, Linval Thompson, Lee Perry, Ashanti Waugh, George Boswell, Peter Tosh, The Jay Boys, Dennis Brown, Big Youth, Ras Micheal, The Sons Of Negus, Neville Grant, The Mighty Diamonds, Ras Michael, The Sons Of Negus, New Town Sound Ltd, The Viceroys, Horace Andy, Heaven Sisters, The Shadows, Carlton Jackson,

Album: Trojan Roots Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1999

1 Ten Dread Commandments Mr. Bojangles    
2 Mistry Babylon The Heptones    
3 Moving On To Zion Johnny Clarke    
4 Never Gonna Give Up Jah Sugar Minott    
5 The Coming Of Jah Max Romeo    
6 African (Dub) Silvertones    
7 The Judgement Come Cornell Campbell    
8 Adisabab Delroy Wilson    
9 Condition Bad A Yard The Ethopians    
10 Babylon Deh Pon Fire Truth, Fact & Correct    
11 Words Anthony 'Sangie' Davis, Lee Perry    
12 Milk And Honey Lizzard    
13 Babylon A Fall Down Velvet Shadows    
14 Nyah Man Johnny Osbourne    
15 I Love Marijuana Linval Thompson    
16 Free Jah Jah Children Sugar Minott    
17 City Too Hot Lee Perry    
18 Babylon Wrong Ashanti Waugh    
19 Jah Fire George Boswell    
20 Arise Black Man Peter Tosh    
21 Babylon Falling The Heptones    
22 African People The Jay Boys    
23 Hail Brother Rasta Hall The Ethopians    
24 Africa Dennis Brown    
25 Dread In Babylon Big Youth    
26 Keep Cool Babylon Ras Micheal, The Sons Of Negus    
27 Blackman Time Neville Grant    
28 Enter Into His Gates With Praise Johnny Clarke    
29 Talk About It The Mighty Diamonds    
30 Jah Fire George Boswell    
31 Rejoice Jah Jah Children Silvertones    
32 Cool Rasta The Heptones    
33 Rise Jah Jah Children Ras Michael, The Sons Of Negus    
34 Purify Your Heart Johnny Osbourne    
35 I And I Are The Chosen One New Town Sound Ltd    
36 Rise In The Strength Jah The Viceroys    
37 Psalm 68 Horace Andy    
38 Rasta Dreadlocks Heaven Sisters    
39 Brother Noah The Shadows    
40 Africa Is The Black Mans Home Sugar Minott    
41 Jah Jah Bless The Dreadlocks The Mighty Diamonds    
42 Jah Jah Me No Born Yah Cornell Campbell    
43 None Shall Escape The Judgement Johnny Clarke    
44 History Carlton Jackson    

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