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Trojan Originals Box Set Ringtones
Artist: The Harry J All Stars, Eddie Lovette, Dandy Livingstone, Desmond Dekker, The Aces, The Symarip, The Ethiopians, The Maytals, Freddie Notes, The Rudies, Lloydie & The Lowbites, Keith & Tex, Joya Landis, The Pioneers, Justin Hinds, The Dominoes, Robert Thompson, Bob Marley, The Wailers, Eric Donaldson, Boy Friday, The Melodians, Al Brown, Winston Groovy, Ray Martell, The Kingstonians, Tony Tribe, Lord Creator, U Roy, John Holt, The Slickers, John Holt, Jackie Robinson, Ken Parker, Slim Smith, Ken Boothe, Johnny Osbourne, The Sensations, Max Romeo, Niney, Nicky Thomas, The Fabulous Flames, Delano Stewart, The Paragons, Cornell Campbell,

Album: Trojan Originals Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2003

1 Liquidator The Harry J All Stars    
2 Too Experienced Eddie Lovette    
3 Rudy, A Message To You Dandy Livingstone    
4 0.0.7 (Shanty Town) Desmond Dekker, The Aces    
5 Skinhead Moonstomp The Symarip    
6 Train To Skaville The Ethiopians    
7 Monkey Man The Maytals    
8 Montego Bay Freddie Notes, The Rudies    
9 Birth Control Lloydie & The Lowbites    
10 Stop That Train Keith & Tex    
11 Angel Of The Morning Joya Landis    
12 Time Hard The Pioneers    
13 Carry Go Bring Come Justin Hinds, The Dominoes    
14 Long Shot Kick De Bucket The Pioneers    
15 (People Get Ready) Let's Do Rocksteady Robert Thompson    
16 (I Gotta) Keep On Moving Bob Marley, The Wailers    
17 Cherry Oh Baby Eric Donaldson    
18 Version Girl Boy Friday    
19 Sweet Sensation The Melodians    
20 Here I Am Baby (Come And Take Me) Al Brown    
21 Please Don't Make Me Cry Winston Groovy    
22 She Caught The Train Ray Martell    
23 Singer Man The Kingstonians    
24 Red Red Wine Tony Tribe    
25 Kingston Town Lord Creator    
26 Wear You To The Ball U Roy, John Holt    
27 Johnny Too Bad The Slickers    
28 Stick By Me (And I'll Stick By You) John Holt    
29 Homely Girl Jackie Robinson    
30 Groovin' Out On Life Ken Parker    
31 The Time Has Come Slim Smith    
32 Crying Over You Ken Boothe    
33 Come Back Darling Johnny Osbourne, The Sensations    
34 Mr Fix It Max Romeo    
35 Rivers Of Babylon The Melodians    
36 Blood And Fire Niney    
37 It's My Delight The Melodians    
38 Soul Rebel Bob Marley, The Wailers    
39 Everything I Own Ken Boothe    
40 Let Your Yeah Be Yeah The Pioneers    
41 Love Of The Common People Nicky Thomas    
42 Holly Holy The Fabulous Flames    
43 Stay A Little Bit Longer Delano Stewart    
44 The Tide Is High The Paragons    
45 I Will Never Let You Cornell Campbell    
46 My Best Girl The Paragons    
47 Good Ambition The Ethiopians    

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