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Tighten Up- Volume 3 Ringtones
Artist: Dave Barker, The Upsetters, Bruce Ruffin, Cynthia Richards, Delano Stewart, The Maytals, Johnny Osbourne, The Sensations, Derrick Harriott, The Chosen Few, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics, Marcia Griffiths, Lloyd Campbell, Claudette Thomas, Andy Capp, Ken Boothe, Ansel Collins, The Kingstonians, John Holt, The Maytones, Nora Dean, King Stitt, Andy Capp, Dandy Livingstone, Lloyd Charmers, The Lowbites, Bob Marley, The Wailers, Winston Wright, The Destroyers, The G.G. All Stars

Album: Tighten Up- Volume 3

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2002

1 Shocks Of Mighty Dave Barker, The Upsetters    
2 I'm The One (Bonus Track) Bruce Ruffin    
3 Conversation (Bonus Track) Cynthia Richards    
4 Stay A Little Bit Longer Delano Stewart    
5 Monkey Man The Maytals    
6 Come Back Darling (Bonus Track) Johnny Osbourne, The Sensations    
7 Psychedelic Train (Bonus Track) Derrick Harriott, The Chosen Few    
8 Open Jaw (Bonus Track) Tommy McCook, The Supersonics    
9 Put A Little Love In Your Heart Marcia Griffiths    
10 Queen Of The World Lloyd Campbell, Claudette Thomas    
11 Poppy Show (Bonus Track) Andy Capp    
12 Freedom Street Ken Boothe    
13 High Voltage (Bonus Track- aka 'Monkey') Ansel Collins    
14 Singer Man The Kingstonians    
15 Stealing Stealing (Bonus Track) John Holt    
16 Funny Man (Bonus Track) The Maytones    
17 Barbwire Nora Dean    
18 Herbsman King Stitt, Andy Capp    
19 Raining In My Heart Dandy Livingstone    
20 Birth Control (Bonus Track) Lloyd Charmers, The Lowbites    
21 Soul Shakedown Party (Bonus Track) Bob Marley, The Wailers    
22 Meshwire (Bonus Track) Winston Wright    
23 Franco Nero (Bonus Track) The Destroyers    
24 Man From Carolina The G.G. All Stars    

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