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Trojan Records- 40 Years, 40 Tracks Ringtones
Artist: Jah Wobble, Marcia Griffiths, The Pioneers, Gregory Isaacs, The Upsetters, Max Romeo, Johnny Clarke, The Aggrovators, Michael Rose, Black Uhuru, Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Big Youth, The Harry J All Stars, Augustus Pablo, The Slickers, Delroy Wilson, Linval Thompson, Dandy Livingstone, John Holt, Desmond Dekker, The Aces, The Freedom Singers, Ken Boothe, Lord Tanamo, The Maytals, Eric Donaldson, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, The Wailers, Junior Delgado, Lee Perry, Dave Barker, The Upsetters, Susan Cadogan, Dave Collins, Ansel Collins, Tommy McCook, The Upsetters, Symarip Bob Marley, The Untouchables, The Heptones, Horace Andy,

Album: Trojan Records- 40 Years, 40 Tracks

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1 Desolation Jah Wobble    
2 The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face Marcia Griffiths    
3 Long Shot Kick De Bucket The Pioneers    
4 Rock Away Gregory Isaacs    
5 Return Of Django The Upsetters    
6 Fire Fe The Vatican Max Romeo    
7 A Harder Version Johnny Clarke, The Aggrovators    
8 Born Free Michael Rose, Black Uhuru    
9 (To Be) Young, Gifted & Black Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths    
10 S 90 Skank Big Youth    
11 Liquidator The Harry J All Stars    
12 East Of The River Nile Augustus Pablo    
13 Johnny Too Bad The Slickers    
14 This Life Makes Me Wonder Delroy Wilson    
15 I Love Marijuana Linval Thompson    
16 Rudy, A Message To You Dandy Livingstone    
17 Help Me Make It Through The Night John Holt    
18 Israelites Desmond Dekker, The Aces    
19 Judge Sympathy The Freedom Singers    
20 Everything I Own Ken Boothe    
21 I'm In The Mood For Ska (aka 'I'm In The Mood For Love') Lord Tanamo    
22 Monkey Man The Maytals    
23 Cherry Oh Baby Eric Donaldson    
24 007 (Shanty Town) Desmond Dekker, The Aces    
25 Pressure Drop The Maytals    
26 Westbound Train Dennis Brown    
27 400 Years Bob Marley, The Wailers    
28 Ali Baba John Holt    
29 Sons Of Slaves Junior Delgado    
30 Jamaican ET Lee Perry    
31 City Too Hot Lee Perry    
32 Prisoner Of Love Dave Barker, The Upsetters    
33 Hurt So Good Susan Cadogan    
34 Double Barrel Dave Collins, Ansel Collins    
35 Cloak And Dagger Tommy McCook, The Upsetters    
36 Skinhead Moonstomp Symarip    
37 Duppy Conqueror Bob Marley    
38 Tighten Up The Untouchables    
39 Peace And Harmony The Heptones    
40 Sky Larking Horace Andy    

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