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Hot Guitar Ringtones
Artist: Lee Bell, Lonnie Barron, Forest Rye, Johnny Hicks, Western Melody Makers, Earl Songer, Slim Redman & Donnie Bowsier, R.D.Hendon & His Western Jamboree, Jimmy & Duane, Jess Willard, Lucky Joe Almond, Autry Inman, Maddox Brothers & Rose, Arlie Duff, Lattie Moore, Carl Smith, Carlisles, Charlene Arthur, Hardrock Gunter, Tommy Scott, Onie Wheeler, Eddie Hill, Little Jimmy Dickens, Johnny Horton & Billy Barton, Eddy Arnold, Jim Atkins, Billy Starr, Luke McDaniel Ray Batts,

Album: Hot Guitar

Genre: Country

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 Beatin' Out The Boogie On The Mississippi Mud Lee Bell    
2 You're Not the First Girl Lonnie Barron    
3 Wild Cat Boogie Forest Rye    
4 Get Your Kicks (From The Country Hicks) Johnny Hicks    
5 Who Put The Turtle In Myrtle's Girdle Western Melody Makers    
6 Whoopie Baby Earl Songer    
7 Strut My Stuff Slim Redman & Donnie Bowsier    
8 Music Makin' Mama From Memphis R.D.Hendon & His Western Jamboree    
9 I Want Some Lovin' Baby Jimmy & Duane    
10 Honkytonk Hardwood Floor Jess Willard    
11 Rock Me Lucky Joe Almond    
12 Uh-Huh-Honey Autry Inman    
13 Kiss Me Like Crazy Maddox Brothers & Rose    
14 You All Come Arlie Duff    
15 Pull Down The Blinds Lattie Moore    
16 Dog-gone It Baby I'm In Love Carl Smith    
17 Is Zat You Myrtle Carlisles    
18 I Heard About You Charlene Arthur    
19 Hesitation Boogie Hardrock Gunter    
20 Cat Music Tommy Scott    
21 Run 'Em Off Onie Wheeler    
22 The Hot Guitar Eddie Hill    
23 Rock Me Little Jimmy Dickens    
24 Bawlin' Baby Johnny Horton & Billy Barton    
25 Looking At The Moon Wishing On A Star Charlene Arthur    
26 Hepcat Baby Eddy Arnold    
27 I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas) Jim Atkins    
28 Hound Dog Billy Starr    
29 Whoa Boy Luke McDaniel    
30 Wild Man Boogie Ray Batts    

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