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African Rhythm Ringtones
Artist: DJ Congano, Ronaldo, DJ Crack, Jambola, Ashanti, African Vibes,

Album: African Rhythm

Genre: House

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2005

1 hijo DJ Congano    
2 ritmo de brazil Ronaldo    
3 bring the bass back DJ Crack    
4 camel song DJ Congano    
5 indian melody Jambola    
6 crazy saxophone DJ Congano    
7 ragga 2 body Ashanti    
8 bumschakatak African Vibes    
9 asian dream Jambola    
10 crocket-s theme Ashanti    
11 walk like an african DJ Congano    
12 wicked and mad DJ Congano    
13 hit the rasta African Vibes    
14 idi amin Jambola    
15 jumanji African Vibes    
16 winnetou DJ Congano    
17 ragga dance man African Vibes    
18 follow the drums Jambola    

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