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Body Of War- Songs That Inspired An Iraq War Veteran Ringtones
Artist: Serj Tankian, Against Me!, Brendan James, Lupe Fiasco, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls, Dilated Peoples, RX Bandits, No Use For A Name, Talib Kweli & Cornel West, Immortal Technique, System Of A Down, Eddie Vedder And Ben Harper, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Bright Eyes, John Lennon, Neil Young, The Nightwatchman, Kimya Dawson, Blow Up Hollywood, David Ford, Tori Amos, Laura Cantrell, Ben Harper, Roger Waters, Tom Waits

Album: Body Of War- Songs That Inspired An Iraq War Veteran

Genre: Soundtrack

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1 Empty Walls (Album Version) Serj Tankian    
2 White People For Peace (Album Version) Against Me!    
3 Hero's Song Brendan James    
4 American Terrorist Lupe Fiasco    
5 Light Up Ya Lighter Michael Franti & Spearhead    
6 Guerilla Radio Rage Against The Machine    
7 Son Of A Bush Public Enemy    
8 Let Them Eat War Bad Religion    
9 Letter From Iraq Bouncing Souls    
10 War Dilated Peoples    
11 Overcome [The Recapitulation] RX Bandits    
12 Fields Of Agony No Use For A Name    
13 Bushonomics Talib Kweli & Cornel West    
14 The 4th Branch Immortal Technique    
15 B.Y.O.B. System Of A Down    
16 No More [Live] Eddie Vedder And Ben Harper    
17 Devils & Dust Bruce Springsteen    
18 Masters Of War [Live] Pearl Jam    
19 When The President Talks To God Bright Eyes    
20 Gimme Some Truth John Lennon    
21 The Restless Consumer Neil Young    
22 Battle Hymns The Nightwatchman    
23 Anthrax Kimya Dawson    
24 WMD Blow Up Hollywood    
25 State Of The Union David Ford    
26 Yo George Tori Amos    
27 Love Vigilantes Laura Cantrell    
28 Black Rain Ben Harper    
29 To Kill The Child Roger Waters    
30 Day After Tomorrow Tom Waits    

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