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Birth of a King (ultimate edition)Prince Ringtones
Artist: Prince

Album: Birth of a King (ultimate edition)Prince

Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1 Introduction (Feat.Starcrimes,A-Million) Prince    
2 Euro-Ambassador (Feat.SAS) Prince    
3 Thoro wit the brush (Feat.Taj Mahal) Prince    
4 International Thug Musik (Feat.Jim Jones,Freeway,Crime) Prince    
5 Soldat Universel Prince    
6 Where you from- Prince    
7 Dipgang bang Reloaded (Feat.Unkasa,Taj Mahal) Prince    
8 Back 2 da futur Prince    
9 Supafly rmx (Feat.334mobb,Rich Boy) Prince    
10 Yieah Yieah Yieah Rmx (Feat.Rolls Royce,BZ Prince    
11 You'll be back (Feat.Marion(popstars)) Prince    
12 Comin Home Prince    
13 Haterz (Feat.Rolls Royce,Lexxcoop) Prince    
14 Excuz moi (Feat.Falgas) Prince    
15 Hommage (Skrilla kid, Villain) Prince    
16 Bloods europe Anthem Prince    
17 FO ke j'trouv 1 Job Prince    
18 Il etait une fois (Feat.Hooligang) Prince    
19 I am what i am (Feat.A-Million) Prince    
20 The End (Feat.Lucas Brazi,Starcrimes) Prince    

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