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Juno B-Sides- Almost Adopted Songs Ringtones
Artist: Kimya Dawson, Barry Louis Polisar, Belle And Sebastian, Mateo Messina, The Bristols, Jr. James & the Late Guitar, Astrud Gilberto, Buddy Holly Trio Los Panchos, Yo La Tengo, Ellen Page,

Album: Juno B-Sides- Almost Adopted Songs

Genre: Rock

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1 Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (Album Version) Kimya Dawson    
2 Me And You (Album Version) Barry Louis Polisar    
3 My Wandering Days Are Over (Album Version) Belle And Sebastian    
4 Go Fly A Kite (Album Version) Mateo Messina    
5 Viva La Persistence (Album Version) Kimya Dawson    
6 Little Baby (Album Version) The Bristols    
7 I'm Into Something Good (Album Version) Jr. James & the Late Guitar    
8 Meet The MacGuffs (Album Version) Mateo Messina    
9 Once I Loved (Album Version) Astrud Gilberto    
10 All I Want Is You (Album Version) Kimya Dawson    
11 Learning The Game (Album Version) Buddy Holly    
12 The Lorings (Album Version) Mateo Messina    
13 Besame Mucho (Album Version) Trio Los Panchos    
14 You Can Have It All (Album Version) Yo La Tengo    
15 Zub Zub (Album Version) Ellen Page    

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