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Absolute Music 57 Ringtones
Artist: Mle, Simple Plan, Shayne Ward, Britney Spears, Amanda Jenssen, Alcazar, Lazee, Arash feat. Shaggy, Basshunter feat. DJ Mental Theos Bazzheadz, Yael Nam, Mns Zelmerlw, Velvet, Amy Diamond, Ola, Rongedal, Sanna Nielsen, Johnson & Hggkvist, BWO, Frida feat. Headline, Patrik Isaksson & Bandet, Linda Bengtzing, Nordman, Sibel, E-Type & The Poodles, Suzzie Tapper, Nickelback, Marie Picasso, E.M.D., Kent, Hkan Hellstrm, Maia Hirasawa, Kylie Minogue, Adele, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, M. Pokora feat. Sebastian & Timbaland, Adam Tensta, Macdon, The Last Goodnight, Panic At The Disco, Daughtry, Takida, Lupe Fiasco

Album: Absolute Music 57

Genre: Pop

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1 Built To Last (Album Version) Mle    
2 When I'm Gone (Radio Edit) Simple Plan    
3 No U Hang Up Shayne Ward    
4 Break The Ice Britney Spears    
5 Do You Love Me Amanda Jenssen    
6 We Keep On Rockin' Alcazar    
7 Rock Away Lazee    
8 Donya [single version] Arash feat. Shaggy    
9 Now You're Gone [Radio Edit] Basshunter feat. DJ Mental Theos Bazzheadz    
10 New Soul Yael Nam    
11 Miss America Mns Zelmerlw    
12 Dj Vu Velvet    
13 Thank You Amy Diamond    
14 Love In Stereo Ola    
15 Just A Minute Rongedal    
16 Empty Room Sanna Nielsen    
17 One Love Johnson & Hggkvist    
18 Lay Your Love On Me BWO    
19 Upp och hoppa Frida feat. Headline    
20 Under mitt tunna skinn Patrik Isaksson & Bandet    
21 Hur svrt kan det va Linda Bengtzing    
22 I lgornas sken Nordman    
23 That Is Where I'll Go Sibel    
24 Line Of Fire E-Type & The Poodles    
25 Visst finns mirakel Suzzie Tapper    
26 Rockstar Nickelback    
27 Winning Streak Marie Picasso    
28 All For Love E.M.D.    
29 Columbus Kent    
30 Fr en lng lng tid Hkan Hellstrm    
31 The Worrying Kind Maia Hirasawa    
32 In My Arms Kylie Minogue    
33 Chasing Pavements Adele    
34 With You Chris Brown    
35 Like You'll Never See Me Again Alicia Keys    
36 Dangerous M. Pokora feat. Sebastian & Timbaland    
37 Before U Know It Adam Tensta    
38 Beggin' Macdon    
39 Pictures Of You The Last Goodnight    
40 Nine In The Afternoon (Radio Edit) Panic At The Disco    
41 Over You Daughtry    
42 Curly Sue Takida    
43 Superstar (featuring Matthew Santos) (Radio Edit) Lupe Fiasco    

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