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Morvin Brooks
Artist: The Twinkle Brothers, Roman Stewart, Toots & The Maytals, Derrick Morgan, Billy Dyce, The Untouchables, The Hofner Brothers, Adina Edwards, The Jamaicans, The Cables, Turnell McCormack, The Cordells, Max Romeo, Morvin Brooks, Johnny Clarke, Eric Donaldson, Shenley Duffus, The Soul Avengers, Hopeton Lewis, The Chosen Few, Jackie Edwards, Junior Byles, The Maytones, U Roy, I Roy, Lionel James, Tinga Stewart, The Tennors, Derrick Harriott, The Pioneers, Roy Shirley, Keith Rowe, Texas Dixon, The Conquerors, Clancy Eccles, The Techniques, The Soul Twins, Desmond Dekker, The Aces, The Versatiles, The Maytals, The Peter Ashbourne Affair, The Clarendonians, Pat Kelly, The Silvertones, The Federals, Marva Moore, The Gaysters, Al & the Vibrators

Album: Baba Boom! Musically Intensified Festival Songs

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2004

1 (Shu Be Do) You Can Do It Too The Twinkle Brothers               
2 Hooray Festival Roman Stewart               
3 Pomps And Pride Toots & The Maytals               
4 Festival 10 Derrick Morgan               
5 Unity Is Love Billy Dyce, The Untouchables               
6 The King Man Is Back The Hofner Brothers               
7 Love I Festival Adina Edwards               
8 Sing Freedom The Jamaicans               
9 Feel All Right The Cables               
10 Irie Festival Turnell McCormack, The Cordells               
11 Don't Be Prejudice Max Romeo               
12 (Jump In Line) Festival Time Morvin Brooks               
13 Joyful Festival Johnny Clarke               
14 Cherry Oh Baby Eric Donaldson               
15 Peace (In Jamaica) Shenley Duffus, The Soul Avengers               
16 Boom Sha-ka-la-ka Hopeton Lewis, The Chosen Few               
17 This Is Another Festival Jackie Edwards               
18 Festival Da Da Junior Byles               
19 What A Festival Eric Donaldson               
20 Another Festival The Maytones               
21 Festival Wise U Roy               
22 Version Festival I Roy               
23 Festival Power Lionel James               
24 Play De Music Tinga Stewart               
25 Hopeful Village The Tennors               
26 Blue Boot Eric Donaldson               
27 Our Time Fe Celebrate Derrick Harriott               
28 Boss Festival The Pioneers               
29 Freedom Festival Roy Shirley               
30 Baba Boom The Jamaicans               
31 Yaba Yah (Festival Song) Keith Rowe, Texas Dixon               
32 National Dish The Conquerors               
33 Festival '68 Clancy Eccles               
34 Run Com Celebrate (Festival '68) The Techniques               
35 Pound Get A Blow The Soul Twins               
36 Intensifies '68 (Music Like Dirt) Desmond Dekker, The Aces               
37 Tang! Tang! Festival Song Derrick Harriott               
38 The Time Has Come The Versatiles               
39 Bam Bam The Maytals               
40 Bangarang Festival The Peter Ashbourne Affair               
41 Sweet And Dandy The Maytals               
42 I'm A Big Man The Maytals               
43 Festival Knocks The Tennors               
44 Lick It Back (Festival '69) The Clarendonians               
45 Feel The Festive Spirit The Jamaicans               
46 Festival Time Pat Kelly               
47 Intensified Change The Silvertones               
48 Wailing Festival The Federals               
49 Unity Desmond Dekker, The Aces               
50 Bim Today (Bam Tomorrow) The Maytals               
51 Golden Festival Roy Shirley               
52 Great '68 Marva Moore, The Gaysters               
53 Move Up (Festival Time) Al & the Vibrators               
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