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Tammy Lavetter
Artist: Marvin Smith, Barbara Lynn, Laura Lee, Maxine Brown, Earl Van Dyke, The Shirelled, Bunny Sigler, Barbara Lewis, Bobby Paris, Kim Weston, Frank Wilson, Pat Lewis, The Apollas, Tammy Lavetter, Brenda Holloway, Evie Sands, The Artistics, Leon Haywood, Tommy Hunt, Johnny Moore, Jackie Ross, The Blossoms, The Sapphires, Edwin Starr

Album: Soul - One in a Million

Genre: Blues

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1 Have More Time Marvin Smith               
2 You're Losing Me Barbara Lynn               
3 To Win Your Heart Laura Lee               
4 One In A Million Maxine Brown               
5 Six By Six Earl Van Dyke               
6 Last Minute Miracle The Shirelled               
7 Girl Don't Make Me Wait Bunny Sigler               
8 The Stars Barbara Lewis               
9 Night Owl Bobby Paris               
10 You Hit Me Where It Hurt Me Kim Weston               
11 Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) Frank Wilson               
12 I'm Not Over You Yet Pat Lewis               
13 Mister Creator The Apollas               
14 Kiss My Love Goodbye Tammy Lavetter               
15 Reconsider Brenda Holloway               
16 I'm So Happy Brenda Holloway               
17 Picture Me Gone Evie Sands               
18 I'm Gonna Miss You The Artistics               
19 Baby Reconsider Leon Haywood               
20 Cracking Up Over You Tommy Hunt               
21 Walk Like A Man Johnny Moore               
22 Keep Your Chin Up Jackie Ross               
23 That's When The Tears Start The Blossoms               
24 Gonna Be A Big Thing The Sapphires               
25 I Have Faith In You Edwin Starr               
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