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Todd Wolfe
Artist: Walter Trout, Carl Verheyen, Chris Farlowe, John Hayes, Jesus Volt, Rob Tognoni, Steve Schuffert Band, Steve Fister, Todd Wolfe, Candye Kane, Willi Lohmann Kapelle, The Hamsters

Album: Totally Live At Charly's Vol II

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1 Sweet As A Flower Walter Trout               
2 Highland Shuffle Carl Verheyen               
3 Miss You Fever Chris Farlowe               
4 We Both Been Used John Hayes               
5 The Cornbread Jesus Volt               
6 Dark Angel Rob Tognoni               
7 Freight Train Love Steve Schuffert Band               
8 Come Together Steve Fister               
9 One Lost Love Todd Wolfe               
10 For Your Love Candye Kane               
11 Right Now! Willi Lohmann Kapelle               
12 Somebody's Leaving Somebody The Hamsters               
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