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Beverley's All Stars Ringtones
Artist: Tyrone Evans, Val Bennett

Album: Trojan Singles Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1999

1Why Must You Cry Barry Biggs  
2Virgin Soldiers Hot Rod All Stars  
3Take Me As I Am Jackie Edwards  
4I'll Take You There Deltones  
5Be Yours Beverley's All Stars  
6Keep My Love From Fading Ken Boothe  
7Eldora Techniques All Stars  
8Help Me Make It Through The Night Joyce Bond  
954-46 That's My Number The Maytals  
10One Big Happy Family Bruce Ruffin  
11So Much Love Joe White  
12Darling Please Return The Barons  
13Come On Girl Jackie Edwards  
14At The Discotheque Pioneers  
15You Don't Know Like I Know Pioneers  
16Rahtid Dynamites  
17Lick It Back Clarendonians  
18South Parkway Rock Val Bennett  
19Bangarang Crash Clancy Eccles  
20Our Love Will Last The Jivers  
21I'll Need You Tomorrow The Kingstonians  
22Promises Silverstars  
23Smoke Screen Beverley's All Stars  
24If This World Were Mine Tyrone Evans  
25You Done Me Wrong Tyrone Evans  
26Double Shot Beverley's All Stars  
27Banana Water The Melodians  
28Old Man Say Silverstars  
29Eastern Organ Brother Dan All Stars  
30Fat Man Derrick Morgan  
31Copy Cat Derrick Morgan  
32Busy Bee Beverley's All Stars  
33Whole World's Down On Me B.B. Seaton, Ken Boothe  
34Reverend Lee Lorna Bennett  
35Keep It Like It Is John Holt  
36I'm Lonely No More Teddy Brown  
37Pie In The Sky Eugene Paul  
38Love Don't Love Nobody Ken Boothe  
39Come Back Girl Nicky Thomas  
40Reggae From The Ghetto Marcia Griffiths  
41Strange Thoughts Honey Boy Martin  
42Being In Love Derrick Harriott  
43Check Out Yourself Cimarons  
44Time Is The Master Tito Simon  
45Help Me Freddie McKay  
46Run Away Pet Donna Hinds  
47What About You Pat Rhoden  
48Let Go Ken Boothe  
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