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Bobby Davis Ringtones
Artist: Alton Ellis, B.B. Seaton, Barry Biggs, Bobby Davis, Boris Gardiner, Clancy Eccles, Cornell Campbell, Dave Barker, David Isaacs, Delroy Wilson, Dennis Brown, Dennis Walks, Derrick Harriott, Derrick Morgan, Desmond Dekker, Dobby Dobson, Eric Morris, Errol Dunkley, Freddie McGregor, Freddie McKay, Glen Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Hemsley Morris, Hopeton Lewis, Horace Andy, Jackie Edwards, Jimmy Cliff, Jimmy London, Joe Higgs, Joe White, John Holt, Johnny Clarke, Junior Byles, Junior Murvin, Ken Boothe, Ken Parker, Little Roy, Lloyd Charmers, Lloyd Parks, Lord Creator, Nicky Thomas, Owen Gray, Pat Kelly, Roman Stewart, Ronnie Davis, Roy Shirley, Rudy Mills, Slim Smith, Stranger Cole, Winston Francis

Album: Trojan Reggae Brothers Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2003

1Natty Bongo Owen Gray  
2My Cherie Amour Barry Biggs  
3Bimbo Horace Andy  
4Dreaming Jimmy Cliff  
5Schoolgirl Nicky Thomas  
6Colour Him, Father Lloyd Charmers  
7Trouble Jim Dobby Dobson  
8What Kind Of Life Slim Smith  
9Collie And Wine Glen Brown  
10Suspicion Jimmy London  
11Message To Martha Dennis Brown  
12He Needs Love Freddie McGregor  
13I Will Never Change Cornell Campbell  
14The Twelfth Of Never Pat Kelly  
15Oh Girl John Holt  
16Bad Weed Junior Murvin  
17Just Enough (To Keep Me Hanging On) David Isaacs  
18Room Full Of Tears Alton Ellis  
19Give It To Me Stranger Cole  
20Without My Love Little Roy  
21I'm A Changed Man B.B. Seaton  
22Mr Tambourine Man Ken Boothe  
23Horse Dead, Cow Fat Derrick Morgan  
24Tears Won't Help You Freddie McKay  
25Left With A Broken Heart Johnny Clarke  
26My Guiding Star (Reggae version) Joe White  
27If You Don't Know Me By Now Junior Byles  
28I've Lost My Lover Ronnie Davis  
29(Just) Say You Love Me Lloyd Parks  
30Handcuff (Hey Mr Babylon) Gregory Isaacs  
31Loneliness Dave Barker  
32Ten Times Sweeter Winston Francis  
33Belly Lick Dennis Walks  
34Ali Baba Jackie Edwards  
35The Prodigal Returns Errol Dunkley  
36Foo Man Chu Desmond Dekker  
37(I've) Got To Get Away Bobby Davis  
38While I Was Walking Roman Stewart  
39Every Beat of My Heart Rudy Mills  
40Laugh It Off Derrick Harriott  
41Little Things Hemsley Morris  
42You Better Go Ken Parker  
43Uncle Joe Clancy Eccles  
44Let Me Come On Home Hopeton Lewis  
45I Am The Winner Roy Shirley  
46This Magic Moment Eric Morris  
47A Groovy Kind Of Love Boris Gardiner  
48Molly Lord Creator  
49This Old Heart Of Mind Delroy Wilson  
50Captivity Joe Higgs  
Artist: The Four Jacks, Virgle Baker

Album: Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies and Honky Tonkers, Vol 3

Genre: RockNRoll

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2002

1Dry Run Parker Cunningham  
2What's On Your Mind Shelby Smith  
3Rockin' Daddy Doug McClure  
4Dissatisfied Virgle Baker  
5Dudley Do-Rite Jimmy Evans  
6Reaching Out Bob Downen  
7My Babe Johnny Seals  
8Becky Ann The Four Jacks  
9I'll Always Care Glen A. Linder  
10Rockin' Mama Shelby Smith  
11The Open Road Eddy Beers  
12True Love Where Have You Gone Alma Herndon  
13Troubles Troubles Bobby Davis  
14Since My Baby Said Goodbye Shelby Smith  
15I'm A Ramblin' Man Doug McClure  
16That's All You Gotta Do Virgle Baker  
17North To Alaska Shelby Smith  
18How Can I Tell Her The Davis Brothers  
19I'm Gonna Be A Wealthy Man Eddy Beers  
20Oregonian Blues Alma Herndon  
21Rosalie Shelby Smith  
22Call Me Mr. Lonesome Jimmy Evans  
23Blue Yodel No.1 [T for Texas] Bob Downen  
24Big Boss Man Shelby Smith  
25You're the One Johnny Seals  
26Blue Suede Shoes Doug McClure  
27Overdrawn On Heartaches Eddy Beers  
28Country Life Brenda Kaye Riley  
29Give Me One more Chance Jimmy Evans  
30You're Both the Cheating Kind Eddy Beers  
31Jim Dandy - Handy Man Shelby Smith  
32Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow The Davis Brothers  
33Wake Me Up Shelby Smith  
34The Big Hurt Brenda Kaye Riley  
Artist: The Runabouts, Thomas Ingle

Album: Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies and Honky Tonkers, Vol 4

Genre: RockNRoll

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2004

1Rockin' Boppin' Teenager Jim Shaw  
2Rockin' At The 'Y' Thomas Ingle  
3Here Comes The Train Eddie Bond  
4Night Surfing Rebel Rousers  
5Wild Wild Party Charlie Feathers  
6School days Lloyd Arnold  
7The Prom The Runabouts  
8The Zombie Walks Rebel Rousers  
9Raunchy [Take 3] Eddie Bond  
10Sugaree Lloyd Arnold  
11Sweet Little Girl Of Mine Doyle Nelson  
12Rising Mercury Twist Le Sabres  
13Hey Rena Ramon Maupin  
14Run Don't Walk Bobby Davis  
15Boogie Beat Jim Shaw  
16They Call Me Shadrach Mel Smith  
17Tomorrow I'll Be Gone Eddie Bond  
18Rockin' On Union Rebel Rousers  
19I'll Cry Today Thomas Ingle  
20Glad We Talked It Over The Runabouts  
21Today And Tomorrow Charlie Feathers  
22Little Boy Blue Lloyd Arnold  
23[Maybe] Tomorrow We'll Know Ramon Maupin  
24Someday I'll Sober up Eddie Bond  
25Wishing On a Star Jim Shaw  
26Make My dream Come True Doyle Nelson  
27Summer Nights Le Sabres  
28[Let's] Make The Parting Sweet Eddie Bond  
29Go Go Go Lloyd Arnold  
30Thunder Rebel Rousers  
31Tennessee Twist Lloyd Arnold  
32Walking Dreaming Jim Shaw  
33Cold Dark Waters Eddie Bond  
34Rockin' Boppin' Teenager [Demo] Jim Shaw  
35Highway Fever Jim Cannon  
36I Got The Blues Lloyd Arnold  
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