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Clive Wilson, Naomi Adams Ringtones
Artist: Winston, George Agard

Album: Trojan Duets Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2004

1We Shall Overcome Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Gladstone Anderson  
2Stop That Train Keith Rowe, Tex Dixon  
3It's A Rocking Good Way Bob Marley, Marcia Griffiths  
4Tell It To Me Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Patsy Todd  
5Make Good Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Gladstone Anderson  
6Keep On Pushing Lloyd Robinson, Glen Brown  
7(I Am A) True Believer Tyrone Evans, Bruce Ruffin  
8Love Not To Brag Derrick Morgan, Patsy Todd  
9Tonight Keith Rowe, Tex Dixon  
10Paradise Roy Shirley, Ken Boothe  
11Folk Song Tony, Dennis  
12Gypsy Woman Derrick Morgan, Patsy Todd  
13The Fits Is On Me Owen Silveras, Leon Silveras  
14Meekly Wait Derrick Morgan, Yvonne Harrison  
15Just Like A River Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Gladstone Anderson  
16Down The Train Line Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Patsy Todd  
17Soul Man Glen Brown, Hopeton Lewis  
18Oh Fanny Chuck Barry, Highland ?Dobby? Dobson  
19Deep Down In My Heart Ernest Wilson, Freddie McGregor  
20Let Them Say Tyrone Evans, Bruce Ruffin  
21The Coming Of Jah Max Romeo, Winston ?Niney? Holness  
22Lift Your Head Up High Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Gladstone Anderson  
23Keep The Pressure On Winston, George Agard  
24Out Of The Fire Lloyd Robinson, Devon Russell  
25Rasta Never Fail Lloyd ?Charmers? Tyrell, Ken Boothe  
26Don't Give Up The Fight Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Gladstone Anderson  
27Ethiopian Land Pete Lewis, Paul Lewis  
28Denham Town Winston, George Agard  
29What A Confusion Dave Barker, Neville ?Bunny? Livingstone  
30Oh Babe (Sick And Tired) Ewan McDermott, Nathaniel ?Jerry? McCarthy  
31I Man A African Max Romeo, Winston ?Niney? Holness  
32Rasta Man Going Back Home Alphonso Flowers, Alvin Ranglin  
33Freedom Fighter Bunny Ruggs, Ricky ?Storme? Grant  
34The Vow Keith ?Slim? Smith, Doreen Shaeffer  
35Get On The Right Track Phyllis Dillon, Hopeton Lewis  
36Feel So Fine (aka 'Feel So Good') Derrick Morgan, Patsy Todd  
37You Are Mine Clive Wilson, Naomi Adams  
38My Happy Home Roy Panton, Patsy Todd  
39Yeah Yeah Baby Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Patsy Todd  
40Housewives Choice Derrick Morgan, Patsy Todd  
41(To Be) Young, Gifted And Black (Jamaican Mix) Bob Marley, Marcia Griffiths  
42In Paradise Jackie Edwards, Judy Mowatt  
43Come Back Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Patsy Todd  
44Starvation Derrick Morgan, Patsy Todd  
45When You Call My Name Wilburn ?Stranger? Cole, Patsy Todd  
46Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things Keith ?Slim? Smith, Paulette Morgan  
47Remember That Sunday Alton Ellis, Phyllis Dillon  
48Private Number Bob Marley, Marcia Griffiths  
49We'll Meet Roy Panton, Millie Small  
50Why Did You Leave Alton Ellis, Phyllis Dillon  
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