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Courtney Melody Ringtones
Artist: Admiral Bailey, Admiral Tibet, Al Campbell, Anthony Malvo, Chaka Demus, Colin Roach, Courtney Melody, D. Lizard, Daddy lizard, Dean Fraser

Album: Selectors Choice Volume 3

Genre: Reggae

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1Magic Moment Leroy Gibbons  
2Jump Up Admiral Bailey  
3Bam Bam Tiger Tiger  
4Cassanova Frankie Paul  
5Respect Due Little Twitch  
6Champion Sound Colin Roach  
7Discuss Dem Man Little John  
8Wake Up Sister Charmaine  
9Great Ambition Lt. Stitchie  
10Head To Toe Frankie Paul  
11Kill Dem Wid It Admiral Bailey  
12I'm A Don Pinchers  
13Must Haffi Get It Horace Andy  
14Devil Send You Come Little Twitch  
15Be Mine Tonight Admiral Tibet  
16Ain't Too Proud To Beg Al Campbell  
17Emmanuel Road Echo Minott  
18Nah Lef Ya Josey Wales  
19Top Celebrity Man Admiral Bailey  
20Gimme No Bun Little John  
21Get Up Stand Up And Rock Shabba Ranks  
22Bye Bye Love Trevor Sparks  
23Greatest Gal Lover Anthony Malvo, D. Lizard  
24No Where No Better Than Yard Admiral Bailey  
25DJ A Look Fi Mi Lecturer  
26Let's Give It A Try Greogory Issacs  
27My Lady Courtney Melody  
28Don't Throw It All Away Home T  
29Dean In China Town Dean Fraser  
30Fresh Shabba Ranks  
31Four Season Lover Leroy gibson  
32X Rated Country Admiral Bailey  
33Boy George Dominic  
34Duck Dance Red Dragon  
35Bounce Flourgon  
36Bad Bad Chaka Chaka Demus  
37Dibbi Dibbi Girl Daddy lizard  
38More Reality Ninja Man  
39Duck Riddim Steely & Clevie  
40Conquer Me Don Angelo  
Artist: Teflon

Album: The Ol' Sitt'n Riddim

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1We get it all bout Teflon  
2Stranger in love Courtney Melody  
3Why Majid  
4I know Black Lion  
5Never cease Emperor Mangasha  
6Cloud nine Eloquent  
7Other datings Al Pancho, Anthony John, Brando  
8Can't get u off ma mind Blessed  
9Too much trouble Zeno  
10Modern day Pharaoh Junior X  
11Selfish love Diana Rutherford  
12Blooming love Michael Rutherford  
13Don't do me dat Assailant  
14Let love control Norrisman  
15Just for love sake Perfect  
16Kiss me Empress  
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