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George A. Penny Ringtones
Artist: Val Bennett, Zap Pow

Album: Tighten Up- Trojan Reggae Classics 1968-74

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2002

1Spanish Harlem Val Bennett  
2Johnny Too Bad The Slickers  
3The Selah The Ethopians  
4Wet Vision U. Roy  
5Silver Words Ken Boothe  
6Meaning Of Life The Heptones  
7Blood And Fire Niney  
8Better Must Come Delroy Wilson  
9President Mash Up The Resident Shorty  
10The Time Has Come Slim Smith  
11Rod of Correction Clancy Eccles  
12Shaft The Chosen Few  
13Know Fari Bongo Herman, Bunny  
14Have A Little Faith Nicky Thomas  
15Hot Bomb I. Roy, The Jumpers  
16None Shall Escape The Judgement Johnny Clarke  
17You Don't Know Bob Andy  
18Down Side Up The Harry J. All Stars  
19Redemption Song Toots & The Maytals  
20Here I Am Baby Al Brown  
21If You're Ready, Come Go With Me Cynthia Richards  
22Duppy Conqueror Bob Marley, The Wailers  
23In Paradise Jackie Edwards, Judy Mowatt  
24Nice Nice Time Zap Pow  
25Starvation The Pioneers  
26Emergency Call Judy Mowatt  
27Stay A Little Bit Longer Delano Stewart  
28Fat Man Derrick Morgan  
29Angel Of The Morning Joya Landis  
30Singer Man The Kingstonians  
31Tighten Up The Untouchables  
32John Jones Rudy Mills  
33Come Into My Parlour The Bleechers  
34Monkey Man The Maytals  
35Win Your Love For Me George A. Penny  
36Watch This Sound The Uniques  
37Moonlight Lover Joy Landis  
38Shocks Of Mighty Dave Barker, The Upsetters  
39Fire Corner Clancy Eccles  
40Long Shot Kick De Bucket The Pioneers  
41Kansas City Joya Landis  
42Them A Laugh And A Kiki The Soulmates  
43A Place In The Sun David Isaacs  
44Man From Carolina The G.G. All Stars  
45Return Of Django The Upsetters  
46Barbwire Nora Dean  
47Herbsman Shuffle King Stitt, Andy Cap  
48Wreck A Buddy The Soul Sisters  
49Freedom Street Ken Boothe  
50Sufferer The Kingstonians  
51Fattie Fatiie Clancy Eccles  
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