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Harry J. All Stars Ringtones
Artist: Clancy Eccles, Dandy, Dandy Livingstone, Dave, Ansel Collins, Derrick Morgan, Harry J. All Stars, Richard Ace, Rico, The Rudies, Rudy Mills, Symarip, The Ethiopians, The Maytals, The Pioneers, The Reggae Boys, The Soul Sisters, The Untouchables, The Upsetters, Winston Wright

Album: The Skinhead Generation- 54, 46 Was My Number

Genre: Reggae

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2003

1Double Barrel Dave, Ansel Collins  
2Liquidator Harry J. All Stars  
3Moon Invader Winston Wright  
4Moon Hop Derrick Morgan  
5Brixton Cat Rico, The Rudies  
6Skinhead Moonstomp Symarip  
7Hang 'Em High Richard Ace  
8Fattie Fattie Clancy Eccles  
9Mama Look Deh The Reggae Boys  
10Reggae In Your Jeggae Dandy  
11Wreck A Buddy The Soul Sisters  
12Tighten Up The Untouchables  
13Long Shot Kick De Bucket The Pioneers  
14Return Of Django The Upsetters  
15Train To Skaville The Ethiopians  
16Big City Bright Lights Dandy Livingstone  
17John Jones Rudy Mills  
1854-46 Was My Number The Maytals  
Artist: Max Romeo, Winston Blake

Album: Trojan Producers Series Box Set

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1999

1Heart And Soul Junior Byles  
2Bag A Boo Clancy Eccles  
3Ontarius Version (Version) Charlie Ace  
4Holly Holy Fabulous Flames  
5Herbsman Shuffle King Stitt, Andy Cap  
6Lonely Nights Eric Donaldson  
7Rack-A-Track Typhoon All Stars  
8Mr. Brown Trevor Brown  
9Here Comes The Night Busty Brown  
10Jordan River Max Romeo, Glen Adams  
11Rocking On The GG Beat The G.G. All Stars  
12Mr. Midnight The Dynamites  
13Feel It Paulette Williams, Gee Williams  
14CN Express Clancy Eccles All Stars  
15Foolish Fool Cynthia Richards  
16Dancebeat Clancy Eccles, King Stitt  
17Born To Be Loved Maytones  
18Hijacked Joe Gibbs All Stars  
19Freedom To The People The Heptones  
20Soul Scorcher Carl Bryan  
21Tons Of Gold Val Bennett  
22Secret Weapon Ansel Collins  
23What Am I To Do Tony Scott  
24Hold Them Roy Shirley  
25God Bless The Children Nicky Thomas  
26The Reggae Train The Reggae Boys  
27The Dog Harry J. All Stars  
28Musically Keith Blake  
29Cambodia Winston Blake  
30Equal Rights Keeble Drummond, Elbert Stewart, Vince Stoddard, Cables  
31Skank In Bed Scotty, David Scott  
32A Win Them Leo Graham  
33Down Side Up Lloyd Young, Carey Johnson  
34Rasta Bandwagon Max Romeo  
35Aily And Ailaloo Winston 'Niney' Holness, Max Romeo  
36One Train Load Of Dub Observer All Stars  
37Hail Stones I. Roy, Roy Reid  
38Green Bay Incident Lord Sassafrass  
39Babylon's Burning Maxie Romeo, Winston 'Niney' Holness, Lee Perry  
40No More Will I Roam Dennis Brown  
41Civilization Classics  
42Black IPA Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
43Bring The Couchie Come Reggae Crusaders  
44Jam Down Observer All Stars  
45Upsetting Station Dave Barker  
46Brimstone And Fire The Obersvers  
47Dub And Praise The Upsetters  
48Herb Vendor Horse Mouth  
49Ital Correction Niney The Observer  
50Badam Bam Ravers  
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