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Huggy Bear Ringtones
Artist: Royal Symphonia

Album: Adam F Presents Kaos- The Anti-Acoustic Warfare

Genre: Reggae

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year:

1Kaos Main Title Royal Symphonia  
2Smash Sumthin Redman  
3Stand Clear M.D.P.  
4Listen Here Capone-N-Noreaga  
5Where's My... Lil' Mo  
6Greatest Of All Time LL Cool J  
7News Flash Huggy Bear  
8Dirty Harry's Revenge Beenie Man-Siamese  
9Time 4 Da True Dave-Pos-DV Alias Khryst  
10Karma (Comes Back Around) Guru-Carl Thomas  
11End Of Days Interregnum Kaos- The Anti-Acoustic Warfare  
12Last Dayz Pharoahe Monch  
13Time Is Up Outro Kaos- The Anti-Acoustic Warfare  
14Trans Mission Kaos- The Anti-Acoustic Warfare  
Artist: Huggy Bear

Album: Weaponry Listens To Love

Genre: Alternative

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1995

1Facedown Huggy Bear  
2Fuck Yr Heart Huggy Bear  
3Erotic Bleeding Huggy Bear  
4On The Wolves? Tip Huggy Bear  
5?Why I?m A Lawbreaker- Huggy Bear  
6Local Arrogance 1994 Huggy Bear  
7Immature Adolescence Huggy Bear  
8For Insecure Offenders Huggy Bear  
916 + Suicide Huggy Bear  
10Warming Rails Huggy Bear  
11Obesity + Speed in 15 Refractions Huggy Bear  
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