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Jimmy Collett Ringtones
Artist: Billy Strange, Bobby Lord, Buck Griffin, Carl Perkins, Darrell Glen, Eddie & Chuck, Elvis Presley, Ernie Chaffin

Album: Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll

Genre: Country

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Rockin' And Reelin' Country Style Frank -Andy- Starr  
2Act Like You Love Me Hayden Thompson  
3Fiddle Diddle Boogie The Davis Sisters  
4No More, No more, No More Bobby Lord  
5Let Me In There Baby Billy Strange  
6Four Alarm Boogie Jimmy Collett  
7Go Ahead And Go Jimmy Lee  
8Tennesse Jive Johnny Horton  
9I Like It The Five Strings  
10I Didn't Mean To Be Mean Ray Campi  
11Boogie The Blues Eddie & Chuck  
12You Better Believe It Rudy Gray  
13It Don't Make No Never Mind Buck Griffin  
14Ice Water Glen Barber  
15Rockin' Baby Gene Henslee  
16I've Been Doing Some Slippin' Too Lew Williams  
17Rockin' And A Knockin' Gayle Griffith  
18Say, Big Boy Goldie Hill  
19If You Don't Somebody Else Will Wanda Jackson & Billy Gray  
20Scrumptious Baby Ray Campi  
21Dig Them Squeaky Shoes Frank -Andy- Starr  
22Put Something In The Pot, Boy The Five Strings  
23You Upset Me Baby Red Smith  
24Christmas Boogie The Davis Sisters  
25Don't Let Me Down Darrell Glen  
26Gonna Roll And Rock Lucky Joe Almond  
27Drunk Man's Wiggle Jimmy Meyers  
28She's Got Something Jimmy Ballard  
29Get Me On Your Mind Ernie Chaffin  
30You're A Heartbreaker Elvis Presley  
31Honky Tonk Babe Carl Perkins  
32You're Undecided Johnny Burnette  
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