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Joe Gibbs, The Professionals Ringtones
Artist: Witty's All Stars

Album: Flashing Echo- Trojan In Dub 1970-1980

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2002

1Ganja Joe White  
2Leggo Beast Gregory Isaacs' All Stars  
3Channel One Is A Joker The Aggrovators  
4Marijuana Sly Dunbar, The Revolutionaries  
5Fist Of Fury Prince Jammy  
6Dubbing Sandra The Upsetters  
7Find A Dub The Aggrovators  
8Rock Me In (Dub) Linval Thompson, The Revolutionaries  
9Jammin' For Survival Prince Jammy At The Controls  
10King Tubby's Rockers Scientist, The Roots Radics Band  
11Babylon Wrong (Dub) Ashanti Waugh  
12Won't You Come Home (Dub) Witty's All Stars  
13Time is Cold (Dub) Scientist, The Roots Radics Band  
14Out Of Order (Dub) Prince Jammy, The Aggrovators  
15Ball Of Fire Bim Sherman  
16Jamaican Calley (Version) Linval Thompson  
17One Trainload Of Dub The Observers  
18Crabbit Version (Version) King Tubby, The Aggrovators  
19Straight To Channel One Head The Aggrovators  
20Big Rip Off Augustus Pablo  
21Rebel Dance The Observers, King Tubby's  
22Phantom The Dynamites  
23Dubbing The Chariot The Crystalites  
24More Dub (Chapter 2) Joe Gibbs, The Professionals  
25Flashing Echo Leo Graham, The Upsetters  
26I Trim The Barber King Tubby, The Aggrovators  
27Pop A Top Andy Capp  
28Callying Butt The Upsetters  
29Rejoicing (Skank) The Upsetters  
30Kinky Mood The Upsetters  
31Concrete Rock Riley's All Stars  
32Arabian (Dub) Treasure Isle All Stars  
33Jumping Dick Gloria's All Stars  
34This Is The Hardest Version (Version) The Aggrovators  
35Dubbing In The Back Seat The Upsetters  
36What Did You Say (Version) Prince Tony's All Stars  
37Ire Feelings (Leggo Skanga) Rupie Edwards  
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