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Jojo Effect Ringtones
Artist: Jojo Effect

Album: Not With Me

Genre: ChillOut

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1Stay Away From My Man Jojo Effect  
2La fin est Nulle Jojo Effect  
3Mystery Jojo Effect  
4Il Ne Reste Rien Jojo Effect  
5Music Lifts Me Up Jojo Effect  
6Mister Mista Jojo Effect  
7Not with me Jojo Effect  
8The Beat Goes On Jojo Effect  
9Sing A Little Bit Jojo Effect  
10Moods Jojo Effect  
11Higher Jojo Effect  
12Same Old Song Jojo Effect  
13So What Jojo Effect  
14Bado Baijo Jojo Effect  
Artist: Jojo Effect

Album: Café Du Soleil Vol. 2

Genre: Easy Listening

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1Breakout Bossa Jojo Effect  
2Moaning Brenda Boykin  
3Jungle River Boat (Club des Belugas Remix) Les Baxter  
4You Never Know Lona Mour  
5Wild Is My Love For You Club des Belugas  
6I Long For Fou Beatrice Simpson  
7Kiss Me Club des Belugas  
8The Swing Ding Song Iain Mackenzie  
9Somewhere In Between Lona Mour  
10Wonderful Brenda Boykin  
11Ocean Cruse Thomas Siffling  
12Desperately Trying Anna Luca  
13What You're Doing cause-Anne  
14Mambo Tonight Iain Mackenzie  
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