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Lord Bennett Ringtones
Artist: Marie Bryant, The Hiltonaires

Album: Dip & Fall Back- Dr. Kinsey To Haile Selassie - Classic Jamaican Mento

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Limbo Lord Creator, Audley Williams Quintet  
2John Tom Derrick Harriott, Audley Williams & Combo  
3Fire Fire Lord Brynner  
4Big Bamboo Lord Jellicoe  
5Chinese Baby The Hiltonaires  
6Jamaica Farewell Jamaican Duke, The Mento Swingers  
7Hooliganism Count Owen  
8Halle Selassie King Bravo  
9Shame & Scandal King Bravo, Baba Brooks Orchestra  
10Zombie Jamboree (aka 'Back To Back') Lord Jellicoe  
11Hard Times Derrick Harriott, Audley Williams  
12Englishman Lord Christo  
13Under The Mango Tree Count Owen  
14Dip & Fall Back Mapletoft Poulle Orchestra  
15Refererendum Calypso Lord Laro  
16Island In The Sun The Hiltonaires  
17The Obeah Man Lord Christo  
18Wrong Impressions Of A Soldier Lord Laro  
19Scandal Lord Bennett  
20Talking Parrot Count Lasher, Charlie Binger, Calysonians  
21Limbo Lord Tickler, The Jamaican Calysponians  
22Cinemascope Count Lasher, Charlie Binger, Calysonians  
23Little Boy Marie Bryant  
24Walk & Talk Chin's Calypso Quintet  
25Charlie's Song Clyde Hoyte Manor House Mentones  
26Penny Reel Lord Power  
27Mama No Want No Rice & Peas Lord Lebby  
28Let's Do It Lord Power, Trenton Spence  
29Old Firesticks Clyde Hoyte Manor House Mentones  
30Sweet Jamaica Lord Lebby  
31Strip Tease Lord Power, Trenton Spence  
32Ethopia Lord Lebby  
33Dr. Kinsey Report Lord Lebby  
34Might Food Chin's Calypso Quintet  
35Meldey Lord Tickler, The Jamaican Calysponians  
36Chambolia Lord Power  
37Tomato Marie Bryant  
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