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Paul Westerberg Ringtones
Artist: David Bianco

Album: A Selection of Music from 31 Songs

Genre: Soundtrack

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2003

1Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From (Album Version) David Bianco  
2Thunder Road (Album Version) Bruce Springsteen  
3One Man Guy Rufus Wainwright  
4Mama You Been On My Mind Rod Stewart  
5Born For Me (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
6Smoke (Album Version) Ben Folds Five  
7A Minor Incident (Album Version) Badly Drawn Boy  
8The Calvary Cross (Album Version) Richard & Linda Thompson  
9Late For The Sky (Remastered LP Version) Jackson Browne  
10Frontier Psychiatrist The Avalanches  
Artist: Paul Westerberg

Album: Folker

Genre: Alternative

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2004

1Breathe some new life Paul Westerberg  
2Lookin' up in heaven Paul Westerberg  
3How can you like him- Paul Westerberg  
4My dad Paul Westerberg  
5Gun Shy Paul Westerberg  
6Jingle Paul Westerberg  
7Anyways all right Paul Westerberg  
8$100 Groom Paul Westerberg  
9What about mine- Paul Westerberg  
10As far as I know Paul Westerberg  
1123 years old Paul Westerberg  
12Folk star Paul Westerberg  
13Now I wonder Paul Westerberg  
Artist: Deathray, Paul Westerberg, Pete Yorn

Album: Open Season- Featuring the songs of Paul Westerberg

Genre: Rock

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Meet Me In The Meadow (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
2Love You In The Fall (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
3I Belong (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
4I Wanna Lose Control (Uh Oh) (Album Version) Deathray  
5Better Than This (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
6Right To Arm Bears (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
7Good Day (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
8All About Me (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
9Wild As I Wanna Be (Album Version) Deathray  
10Whisper Me Luck (Album Version) Paul Westerberg  
11I Belong (reprise) (Album Version) Pete Yorn  
Artist: Alaska!, Andrew Rodriguez, Audible, Blinker The Star, Death Cab For Cutie, Doves, Foo Fighters, Gary Jules, Gomez, Joshua Radin, New Radiant Storm King

Album: Catch And Release

Genre: Soundtrack

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1Razor Foo Fighters  
2My Drug Buddy The Lemonheads  
3A Nest For Two Blinker The Star  
4Mornings Eleven The Magic Numbers  
5Pills Gary Jules  
6Electrified And Ripe Steve Durand  
7The Winding Staircase New Radiant Storm King  
8Sky Signal Audible  
9Leaving The Ground Peter Maclaggan  
10What If You Joshua Radin  
11These 3 Sins Gomez  
12Resistance Alaska!  
13Let The Bad Times Roll Paul Westerberg  
14Turning Blue The Swallows  
15What I Done Andrew Rodriguez  
16Soul Meets Body Death Cab For Cutie  
17There Goes The Fear Doves  
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