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Quint Black Ringtones
Artist: .50 Cal, 3 - 2, Big Pokey, Big Tiger, Big Tuck & D.S.R., C-Note (Clover-G's), Capone, Charlie Boy (Freestyle Kingz), D.S.R. & Mike Jones, DJ Squeeky, E.S.G.

Album: Ridin' Dirty In The South - The Ultimate Southern Hip Hop Collection

Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Lookin' Good Z-Ro & Papa Reu  
2Illegal Amigos S.P.M.  
3Don't Play DJ Squeeky  
4Your B--ch Quint Black  
5The One Magno  
6Bubble Eye Juvenile & Papa Reu  
7All The Time Capone  
8F--k Y'All Pastor Troy  
9Candy Paint Wreckshop  
10Squash Da Chat Lil' Keke  
11Freestyle Mr. Blaze  
12Money That I Luv Hawk  
13F--k What You Heard Charlie Boy (Freestyle Kingz)  
14I Got Thangs Money Black & Scarface  
15X-Tacy Got Her .50 Cal  
16You Ain't S--t E.S.G.  
17Let's Go Big Tuck & D.S.R.  
18Bangin' Woss Ness  
19S.U.C. For Life Yungstar  
20Hold Up E.S.G.  
21Full Of Dro Ska-Face Al Kapone  
22Pop Trunk Webbie  
23Let's Ride Lil' Flip  
24Closure C-Note (Clover-G's)  
25Keep It Gangsta Eightball & M.J.G.  
26Gorillas 3 - 2  
27Ends Z-Ro  
28Ballers Slim Thug  
29Green Boy Pimp C & Magno  
30Two-Way Big Pokey  
31Grippin' Grain, Switchin' Lanes D.S.R. & Mike Jones  
32I Got That Slap Lil' Boosie & Max Minelli  
33Get Off Me Big Tiger  
34Swishahouse Classic Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall & 50-50 Twin  
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