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Rita Williams, Bob Dale Ringtones
Artist: Benny Lee, Beryl Templeman, Bill Hurley

Album: Mum & Dad Bought Their Records At Woolies

Genre: Easy Listening

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2008

1Mr. Wonderful Patti Forbes  
2Man On Fire Gerry Grant  
3Whatever Will Be Will Be Eve Lombard  
4Happy Days And Lonely Nights Bob Dale  
5We Kiss In A Shadow Beryl Templeman  
6Wake The Town And Tell The People Four-In-A-Chord  
7With All My Heart Julie Dames  
8Singing The Blues David Ross  
9Tammy Julie Dames  
10Last Train To San Fernando David Ross  
11The Birds & The Bees Eve Lombard  
12Lay Down Your Arms Beryl Templeman  
13We Will Make Love Gerry Grant  
14Happiness Street David Ross  
15Mary's Boy Child Bob Dale  
16Diana David Ross  
17Alone Eve Lombard  
18A Woman In Love Billy McCormack  
19Green Door David Ross  
20April Love Bob Dale  
21Chapel Of The Roses Patti Forbes  
22Rock Around The Clock Canadians  
23Chapel In The Moonlight Sam Browne  
24I'll Never Stop Loving You Pearl Carr  
25Relax-Ay-Voo Rita Williams, Bob Dale  
26A Tear Fell Beryl Templeman  
27The Story Of Tina Bob Dale  
28If I Give My Heart To You Beryl Templeman  
29The Man From Laramie Bob Dale  
30Dreamboat Maple Leaf Four  
31True Love Rita Williams  
32My September Love Billy McWilliams  
33The Yellow Rose Of Texas Bob Dale  
34Love And Marriage Rita Williams, Bob Dale  
35The Happy Wanderer Skyliners  
36My Friend Bill Hurley  
37Hey There Rita Williams  
38Robin Hood Bob Dale  
39The Great Pretender Sam Browne  
40Softly, Softly Doreen Harris  
41Cinco Robles (Five Oaks) Beryl Templeman  
42Hernando's Hideaway Benny Lee  
43Love Me Or Leave Me Pearl Carr  
44Tenderly Bill Hurley  
45Wanted Bob Dale  
46The Garden Of Eden David Ross  
47Smile Rita Williams  
48Little Things Mean A Lot Rita Williams  
49The Rock And Roll Waltz Penny Nicholls  
50Don't Take Me For Granted Beryl Templeman  
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