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Roy Jones Ringtones
Artist: Bill Scott Davis, Curtis Little, Gail Ayers, Jay Hadley, Jim Waldrop, Jimmy Evans, Lannie Lee, Malcolm Yevington, Marcus van Story, Paul Little

Album: Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers Vol. 5

Genre: Country

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1Crazy Memories Roy Alden  
2Pink Cadillac Jimmy Evans  
3Dance baby dance Jay Hadley  
4She won't let me down Curtis Little  
5Get with it Marcus van Story  
6What am I gonna do Jimmy Evans  
7Your pilot light went out Roy Jones  
8She knows how to rock me Jay Hadley  
9Cocklebur Tiny Fuller  
10Hllywood Paul Little  
11American Sound Stomp Jimmy Evans  
12Goodbye maie Malcolm Yevington  
13Moving South Bill Scott Davis  
14Don't cll meI'll call you Roland Eaton  
15John's place Jimmy Evans  
16Whole lot of yu on my mind Thomas Jernigan  
17Cotton land jump Jay Hadley  
18Little Susie Jimmy Evans  
19Country beat for a Saturday night Jay Hadley  
20Ho top Tiny Fuller  
21Way down blues Malcolm Yevington  
22I hate to say goodbye Jimmy Evans  
23Rockin' with Red Red Hadley  
24706 Union breakown Jimmy Evans  
25Country shortnin' bread Jay Hadley  
26Part time man Tommy Pierce  
27Johnny B. Goode Jimmy Evans  
28Myser train Tiny Fuller  
29It don't hurt much anymore Jim Waldrop  
30Coming home Lannie Lee  
31Take me to your leader Tommy Pierce  
32Beans and cornbread Gail Ayers  
33Wino of the year Jim Waldrop  
34Where is Linda Curtis Little  
35Pink Cadillac Jimmy Evans  
36Memphis 1955 Jimmy Evans  
Artist: Tiny Fuller, Vcarl Mann, Wally Jeffrey

Album: The Last Great Rockabilly Saturday Night Volume 2

Genre: RockNRoll

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1998

1Ain't That A Dilly Marlon Grisham  
2Hep Cat Baby Gene Criss  
3Switch Blade Sam Jeff Daniels  
4You're The One That Done It Thomas Wayne  
5Rock 'N' Roll Grandpap Don Rader  
6Gonna Rock 'N' Roll Tonight Carl Mann  
7One Cup Of Coffee Glen Glenn  
8Jeannie Mae Jody Reynolds  
9We Wanna Boogie Sonny Burgess  
10Electrode B.B.Cunningham  
11Oh I Love You So Earl Mack  
12Rock 'N' Roll Fever Buzz Busby  
13Lonely Bobby McDowell  
14You Two Timed Me, Two Times Too Often Johnny Carroll  
15Crazy Memories Roy Alden  
16That's The Way I Feel Jimmy Pritchet  
17Oh Yeah Wally Jeffrey  
18Fool I Am Pat Ferguson  
19Trip To Bandstand B.B.Cunningham  
20Ain't Got A Thing Sonny Burgess  
21Trudy Johnny Carroll  
22What A Day Kimball Coburn  
23Monkey Business Eddie Bond  
24Would Ja Glen Glenn  
25Catwalk Tiny Fuller  
26Uncle John's Bongoes Houston Turner and The Dixielanders  
27Rockin' Love Vcarl Mann  
28Somebody's Been Babyin' My Baby Ronnie Burton  
29The Blues Don't Mean A Thing Melvin Endsley  
30Evil Hearted Me Jody Reynolds  
31Pink Cadillac Jimmy Evans  
32Rockin' Boppin' Teenager Jim Shaw  
33Your Pilot Light Went Out Roy Jones  
34Wishing Well Howard Crockett  
35I Got The Blues Lloyd Arnold and Charlie Feathers  
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