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The Bears Ringtones
Artist: The Odyssey

Album: Out Of Nowhere The White Whale Story Vol. 2

Genre: Alternative

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year:

1Little Girl, Little Boy The Odyssey  
2I'll Be In The Answer  
3Blackmail Dalton & Montgomery  
4Superman The Clique  
5Fine and Dandy Everpresent Fullness  
6Why You Smile The Answer  
7Goin' It Alone The Bears  
8Work It Out That Way The Bears  
9(It'll All Wash Away) With the Rain The Brothers  
10Today Is Today The Brothers  
11Out of Nowhere Nino And April  
12Break of Dawn J.K. & Co.  
13Little Children J.K. & Co.  
14Make Me Laugh Rainy Daze  
15Space Walker Time Zone  
16Just You Wait Walter Scott  
17Honey, You Can't Take It Back Dobie Gray  
18What a Way to Go Dobie Gray  
19Beautiful People Kenny O'Dell  
20Groovy Relationship Kenny O'Dell  
21Cheyenne Horses  
22Two of Us Shake  
23Christmas Is My Time of Year Christmas Spirit  
24Will You Still Believe in Me Christmas Spirit  
25The Room New F.B.I. Band  
Artist: Billy Karloff Band, Charge, Embryo, Jump Squad, Murder Inc., The Bears, The Panik, The Rivals, The Stoat

Album: Punk Rock Rarities Vol. 1

Genre: Punk

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2006

1On Me The Bears  
2Modern Politics The Panik  
3Urban Damnation The Panik  
4Murder The Panik  
5Office Girl The Stoat  
6Little Jenny The Stoat  
7Crazy Paving Billy Karloff Band  
8Back Street Billy Billy Karloff Band  
9I'm Different Embryo  
10You Know He Did Embryo  
11Here Comes The Night The Rivals  
12Both Sides The Rivals  
13Sounds So False Murder Inc.  
14Polythene Dream Murder Inc.  
15Nobody Cares Murder Inc.  
16Lord Of The Dance Jump Squad  
17Debt Jump Squad  
18Kings Cross Charge  
19Brave New World Charge  
20God's Kids Charge  
Artist: Protex, Ruefrex, Shock Treatment, Spider, Terri & The Terrors, The Androids, The Bankrobbers, The Bears, The Idiots, The Jets, The Lids, The Moondogs

Album: Good Vibrations- The Punk Singles Collection

Genre: Rock

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 1980

1Strange Thing By Night Victim  
2Love Is For Sops The Outcasts  
3Dance Away Lover X Dreamysts  
4Don't Ring Me Up Protex  
5Listening In Protex  
6Parents The Idiots  
7Dancin' In The Street Spider  
8The Cops Are Comin' The Outcasts  
9Cross The Line Ruefrex  
10Love Affair The Tearjerkers  
11Ya Don't Do Ya The Moondogs  
12Self Conscious Over You The Outcasts  
13Love You For Never The Outcasts  
14On My Mind The Bankrobbers  
15Decisions The Bears  
16Original Terminal The Jets  
17Belefast Telegraph Shock Treatment  
18I Don't Want You The Lids  
19Bondage In Belfast The Androids  
20Laugh At Me Terri & The Terrors  
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