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The Upsetters, Dillinger Ringtones
Artist: Bob Marley, Bob Marley, The Wailers, Bunny Clarke, Burt Walters, Charlie Ace, Lee Perry, Chenley Duffus, Dave Barker, The Upsetters, Jah Lion

Album: The Upsetter Selection - A Lee Perry Jukebox

Genre: Reggae

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1400 Years Peter Tosh, The Wailers  
2Tighten Up The Inspirations  
3Penny Reel Prince Jazzbo  
4Natural Mystic (Black Ark Version) Bob Marley  
5Fire Fe The Vatican Max Romeo  
6Cow Thief Skank Charlie Ace, Lee Perry  
7Curley Locks Junior Byles  
8Bad Food Seke Molenga, Kalo Kawongolo  
9Kojak Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
10Judgement Inna Babylon Lee Perry  
11Rejoice Jah Jah Children The Silvertones  
12Move Out Of My Way Bunny Clarke  
13Hurt So Good Susan Cadogan  
14Bathroom Skank Lee Perry  
15I Am A Madman Lee Perry  
16Sons Of Slave Junior Delgado  
17Kentucky Skank Lee Perry  
18Jamaican E.T. Lee Perry  
19The Woodman Lee Perry  
20Kaya Bob Marley, The Wailers  
21Clint Eastwood Lee Perry, The Upsetters  
22Medical Operation The Upsetters  
23The Lama (aka 'Spiritual Whip') Jah Lion, Jah Lloyd  
24Dub Organiser The Upsetters, Dillinger  
25Return Of Django The Upsetters  
26Soul Rebel Bob Marley, The Wailers  
27Evol Yenoh The Upsetters  
28Man From MI5 The Upsetters  
29I Do Love You The Heptones  
30I Am The Upsetter Lee Perry  
31Beat Down Babylon Junior Byles  
32Kimble Lee Perry  
33Give Me Justice Lee Perry  
34Honey Love Burt Walters  
35Prisoner Of Love Dave Barker, The Upsetters  
36Duppy Conqueror Bob Marley  
37People Funny Boy Lee Perry  
38Words (Of My Mouth) The Gatherers  
39Rhythm Land (aka 'Dreamland Version') U-Roy  
40A Live Injection The Upsetters  
41To Be A Lover Chenley Duffus  
42Run for Cover Lee Perry  
43My Cup Bob Marley, The Wailers  
44Small Axe Bob Marley, The Wailers  
45Enter The Dragon The Upsetters  
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