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Treacher & Others Ringtones
Artist: Alice Faye, Chorus, Dorothy Dell, John Boles, John Boles, Sylvia Froos, Lew Brown, Nick Foran, Nick Foran, Tess Gardella, Phyllis Brooks, Phyllis Brooks

Album: The Songs Of Shirley Temple's Films

Genre: Soundtrack

Format: MP3 - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year: 2007

1I'm Laughin Nick Foran, Tess Gardella  
2Baby Take A Bow Shirley Temple, James Dunn, Patricia Lee  
3Broadway's Gone Hill Billy Sylvia Froos  
4This Is Our Last Night Together John Boles, Sylvia Froos  
5She's Way Up Thar Nick Foran  
6Stand Up And Cheer Lew Brown  
7I'm A Black Sheep Who's Blue Dorothy Dell  
8Low-down Lullaby Dorothy Dell  
9The Son Of The Gun Shirley Temple, Dorothy Dell  
10On Accounta I Love You Shirley Temple, James Dunn  
11On The Good Ship Lollipop Shirley Temple  
12Negro Spiritual Chorus  
13Young Dream Shirley Temple  
14Stair Dance Shirley Temple, Bill Robinson  
15O Suzannah Shirley Temple  
16Animal Crackers In My Soup Shirley Temple  
17It'all So New To Me John Boles  
18The Simple Things In Life Rochelle Hudson  
19When I Grow Up Shirley Temple  
20Curly Top John Boles  
21Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms Shirley Temple  
22Organ Grinder's Swing Shirley Temple, Bill Robinson  
23Polly Wolly Doodle Shirley Temple  
24Polly Wolly Doodle (final) Shirley Temple  
25Early Bird Shirley Temple  
26The Right Somebody To Love Shirley Temple  
27At The Godfish Ball Shirley Temple, Buddy Ebsen  
28Oh,my Goodness Shirley Temple  
29When I'm With You Shirley Temple  
30When I'm With You Alice Faye  
31You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach,baby Shirley Temple, Alice Faye, Jack Haley  
32But Definitely Shirley Temple, Alice Faye, Jack Haley  
33Picture Me Without You Shirley Temple  
34He Was A Dandy And She Was A Belle Shirley Temple  
35Hey, What Did The Bluebird Say- Shirley Temple  
36Goodnight My Love Shirley Temple  
37Goodnight My Love Alice Faye  
38You Gotta Smile To Be Ha Double Py Shirley Temple  
39That's What I Want For Christmas Shirley Temple  
40In Our Little Wooden Shoes Shirley Temple  
41Silent Night Shirley Temple  
42Happy Ending Phyllis Brooks  
43An Old Straw Hat Shirley Temple  
44Crackly Grainflakes Chorus  
45Alone With You Phyllis Brooks, Jack Haley  
46Come And Get Your Happiness Shirley Temple  
47Broadcasting Medley Shirley Temple  
48Fanfare The Toy Trumpet  
49Be Optimistic Shirley Temple  
50How Can I Thanks You Shirley Temple  
51We Should Be Together Shirley Temple  
52If All The World Were Paper Shirley Temple, George Murphy  
53Swing Me An Old Fashionned Song Shirley Temple  
54Little Miss Broadway Shirley Temple  
55This Is A Happy Little Ditty Shirley Temple, Joan Davis, Bert Lhar  
56Brass,buttons And Epaulet Shirley Temple, Bill Robinson  
57I Love To Walk In The Rain Shirley Temple  
58The Dream Treacher & Others  
59Teachin Mcfadden To Waltz Shirley Temple  
60Tra, La La La Shirley Temple, Charlotte Greenwood, J.dakie  
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