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U-Roy, Ken Parker Ringtones
Artist: Alton Ellis, The Flames, Earl Lindo, The Supersonics, Hopeton Lewis, U-Roy, Ken Parker, Phyllis Dillon, Stranger Cole, The Ethiopians, The Jamaicans, The Melodians, The Paragons, The Silvertones, The Techniques, The Tennors, The Three Tops, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics, U-Roy, Alton Ellis, U-Roy, Hopeton Lewis, U-Roy, Ken Parker, U-Roy, Nora Dean, U-Roy, Phyllis Dillon, U-Roy, The Jamaicans, U-Roy, The Melodians, U-Roy, The Paragons, U-Roy, The Silvertones, U-Roy, The Techniques, U-Roy, The Three Tops, U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics, Winston Wright, The Supersonics

Album: Version Galore

Genre: Reggae

Format: WMA - For Windows approved devices only

Release Year:

1Last Train To Ecstasy The Melodians  
2You Have Caught Me The Melodians  
3This Station Rule The Nation U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
4My Girl U-Roy, The Techniques  
5On The Beach U-Roy, The Paragons  
6Wake The Town U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
7True, True, True Ken Parker  
8Mother's Tender Care The Ethiopians  
9Love Is Not A Gamble (Tears On My Pillow) The Techniques  
10Don't Stay Away U-Roy, Phyllis Dillon  
11Everybody Bawling U-Roy, The Melodians  
12True, True U-Roy, Ken Parker  
13Your Ace From Space U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
14Happy Go Lucky Girl U-Roy, The Paragons  
15Tide Is High U-Roy, The Paragons  
16Everybody Bawling The Melodians  
17Hopeful Village The Tennors  
18Girl I've Got A Date Alton Ellis, The Flames  
19You Don't Need Me (aka You'll Never Get Away) The Melodians  
20These Eyes (aka Crying Every Night) Stranger Cole  
21Peace And Love U-Roy, The Jamaicans  
22Words Of Wisdom U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
23I?m Flashing My Whip U-Roy, The Paragons  
24The Ball Earl Lindo, The Supersonics  
25The Tide Is High The Paragons  
26Peace And Love The Jamaicans  
27My Girl The Techniques  
28Rock Away (You'll Never Get Away) U-Roy, The Melodians  
29Wear You To The Ball The Paragons  
30The Same Song U-Roy, The Paragons  
31True Confession The Silvertones  
32Mighty Alley Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
33Big Boy And Teacher (aka What Is Catty-) U-Roy, Nora Dean  
34True Confession U-Roy, The Silvertones  
35Love I Tender U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
36Nehru Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
37Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One) Alton Ellis, The Flames  
38Version Galore U-Roy, The Melodians  
39The Same Song The Paragons  
40Way Back Home U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
41Do Re Mi (aka Super Boss) U-Roy, The Melodians  
42Tom Drunk Hopeton Lewis, U-Roy  
43Don't Stay Away Phyllis Dillon  
44One The Beach The Paragons  
45Things You Love U-Roy, The Jamaicans  
46Happy Go Lucky Girl The Paragons  
47Drive Her Home U-Roy, Hopeton Lewis  
48Drive Her Home (Version) Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
49Hot Pop U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
50Things You Say You Love The Jamaicans  
51In The Midnight Hour The Silvertones  
52Ain't That Loving You U-Roy, Alton Ellis  
53Black Power Winston Wright, The Supersonics  
54Do It Right U-Roy, The Three Tops  
55Do It Right The Three Tops  
56Only A Smile The Paragons  
57Behold U-Roy, Tommy McCook, The Supersonics  
58Wear You To The Ball U-Roy, The Paragons  
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