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Remember when ringtones of your favourite hits were barely recognisable when compared to the original? And then you got that new phone that plays real music clips every time your best mate calls. But what tune do you choose and how do you get them? Come in Wippit Ringtones!

Wippit Ringtones is a new service that lets you edit your own ringtone from the original master recording right here on the web site using a simple interface and then sending the finished product straight to your phone. This means that instead of the usual pop pap and euro-trance wrongtones foisted on you on late night TV, you call the shots and choose what tune your mobile rings to. For a full list of artists waiting to be added to your phone click here


Hi Score

And if you’re a superstar mobile-mash-up-DJ in the making you can name and share your personal ringtone edits with others to download to their mobiles too. The most popular shared ringtones will remain available for as long as their still hits with other Wippit users – a bit like the high score on an arcade game – so take care naming them!

Tracks that are available as Wippit Ringtones marked with this icon -> Just click one of these and you’re ready to start creating your own personalised Wippit Ringtone.

For a full list of Wippit Ringtones click here

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